January 2010

I’ve had to miss a few days of blogging and testing. Mostly because i ran out of test strips, and partly because i wasn’t very well on thursday – I’d slept wrongly or something and my back was terrifically sore. Fortunately, a day of rest saw me aright again, and on friday i was shopping, as yesterday. Still, we’re all stocked up with food and stuff now, which is good – as the weather promises to be suitably inclement next week (and there’s snow on the ground now. not a lot, just a dusting, but still. its that cold! Not as bad as Stonehead has it up in Scotland, though, and i am *so* thankful for that…)

I’ve missed testing my BG. that offers a level of control that i’m just not ready to give up – plus it helps to “remind” me about my diabetes. with not testing, the last few days (except for FBG, i’ve kept enough strips to allow me to do that one, which is important) i’ve forgotten my meds, twice (yesterday lunch and dinner), and been awfully tempted by things i shouldn’t be having. *thankfully*, i stocked up on goodies while i was shopping on friday: diabetic chocolate from thorntons (the mint ones are lovely, but *hellishly* expensive (about twice the price of regular chocolate), and they still have carbs in, so i still can’t scoff a whole box in one go or anything, but i allow myself one treat after dinner, and it tastes all the better for it) and some diabetic suckysweets from Boots (also on the expensive side, and still have some carbs in, so i still have to be careful), so i do have something for my sweet-fix.

I also made, on friday, some raspberry mousse: take one packet of sugar free jelly, mix with 1/4 pint of boiling water. Add 1/2 pint cold water once the crystals are all dissolved, and then 1/4 pint of double cream and whisk furiously. put into tubs/bowls and leave to set. you can either eat on their own or put sugar free squirty cream ontop, or even pulverise some raspberries/strawberries, with a little sweetner, to make a sauce, which you can pour over, with a little squirty cream. Grate a little diabetic chocolate from thorntons over the top and you have a pudding worthy of anyone, diabetic or not!

Tomorrow i get to see Cathy (the diabetic nurse) when i can hopefully get some more test strips and certainly a prescription for some more meds (which i’m also running out of – and i need to find out how to get more if i run out between appointments with her). She said last time she wanted to stick me with the pnumonia jab this time, and check my feet over. I want to ask her for referral to see the eye specialist, as i’ve some concerns there, and i’m really hoping she’ll be pleased with not only my weight loss but also my BG figures. I also want to ask her if, if i keep up with this level of control, just once a month, one meal, i can have anything i want, no matter what it does to my BG, even if its just a small amount. Something that is too difficult to replicate in a low-carb way, for example, a meal involving ooh, i dunno.. roast potatoes, and a pudding involving spun sugar (the only examples i can think of off the top of my head!).

Its also weigh in day tomorrow, and my period is due to start today. Again, i’m keen to know if i’ve lost any more weight, and since i measure *real* weight loss between my periods (as that eliminates any possibility of weight loss/gain being due to hormones – water retention n that), if I’m below the 16 stone mark, i’ll be so so pleased, as that’ll be a real, concrete loss. I think i probably am as my belt has been tightening all month (and not uncomfortably so), but still. i don’t want to get too excited in case i’ve not and then i’ll feel terribly down. so we’ll see.

i also borrowed a book on crochet from the library, again. I’ve tried several times to get the hang of this but i’ve not managed it yet. Mum did show me, briefly, but i think i need longer with her, really. Maybe when i go to stay with them, which will be soonish, i think. In the meantime, i can have another go with this book. i keep trying, on the basis that different people explain things differently and one day it might just click for me. Still. we’ll see…

this afternoon i’m making loempia for dinner and possibly some kind of cake or something. We’ll see – i borrowed some low-carb books from the library and they’re really good – one in particular is *excellent*, a vegetarian low-carb book. Oh, and i’ve been experimenting with using lettuce leaves as a bread replacement for lunch: smear the leaves with something like soft cheese, then add maybe a slice of wafer thin ham, a bit of red pepper to go in the middle, then roll and eat. Yum. or you can use pickled red peppers, which are soft and sweet, fill the middle with tuna mayo or soft cheese mixed with herbs, roll and eat. double yum….

low-carb diabetic friendly no sugar no wheat flour cardamom cake with a chocolate cream cheese topping, and lil flakes of grated diabetic chocolate

the full cake - nomnomnomnomnomnomnom...

The weather is turning bad again – it was cold, miserable and dreary when i took jess out. i don’t mind cold so much – there’s nothing quite like a walk on a cold frosty morning, when everything is so still and so cold it takes your breath away. thats one thing. but when there’s wind chill involved, and that kind of really fine rain that just stings with the wind…. that’s something else. And the perpetual greyness doesn’t help matters either.

yes, i’m not feeling too bright and with it today… the sofa beckons. I think i’ll watch the Simpsons Movie. or something else bright and cheerful. Maybe “Mamma Mia”. I defy anyone to feel miserable through that. (Put some popcorn on. yeah. that’ll block the blues.)

On the plus side… i did my belt up another notch today. its now on the tightest setting – after this one is too loose i shall either have to punch new holes or buy a new belt (and this one WAS new – i bought it in Germany just before xmas! Its a lovely red leather belt with a big silver buckle – I’m not about to give it up – so i’ll be punching new holes in it, about as soon as i can find a suitable tool to do so). If this keeps up i can see myself having to buy some new clothes in a few months, cos everything will just hang off me (oh, woe, clothes shopping. how *dreadful*. although i freely admit my sewing skills will come in handy for taking in some things, although, obviously, you can only do that so far).

Also on the plus side… i sent the “Torchwood: Children of Earth” DVD back to Amazon last week (Michiel had bought me a boxset of Torchwood, not realising it had COE in it, then bought me COE seperately). They emailed me yesterday saying they’d given me a voucher, so i went spending. I’ve got 3 books coming my way next week now: 2 novels (“In the King’s Service” by Katherine Kurtz and “The Fire Rose” by Mercedes Lackey) and a parchment craft how-to. I was going to order a parchment craft starters kit but when they wanted to charge me 5.50 for postage, which would’ve made it more expensive than going to Fred Aldous in town, i thought “no way” and changed that order. i’ve also got a book waiting for me at the library, so i won’t be short of reading material after tomorrow…

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I ended up cancelling my hearing aid appointment at the hospital. I woke up this morning at about 10am, stumbled in the living room to stab myself then sat here at the computer, trying to get up the energy to move and have a bath and so on. And i just felt awful – not emotionally, but physically (probably to do with feeling rather constipated). I eventually gave up, emailed the hospital to cancel my appointment, then stumbled back to bed. It was 1.45 when i woke up – the constipation cleared and i immediately felt *much* better – had breakfast, took jess, did some housework and then went to Lidl.

I wonder if the constipation was the result of having fruit for breakfast? Tomorrow will tell: I’ll be having fresh strawberries and frozen raspberries with my yoghurt tomorrow, so we’ll see.

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Had a very pleasant surprise this morning: stepped on the scales and i’ve lost weight! Not through the 16 stone barrier, as i had hoped last week, but bang on 16 stone (224 lbs) – so next week, maybe? I’ve lost 2 pounds this week – which is good, if you lose weight too quickly then your skin doesn’t keep up with you and you wind up having lots of loose skin, which isn’t the most attractive thing ever (and i don’t personally fancy an operation to remove it).

FBG was also pretty low, which is good too, although some of that is undoubtedly due to rising earlier than normal (but what really pleased me was the relatively small rise between FBG and breakfast – 0.2, even though there was more than an hour’s gap). Maybe, just maybe, i’ve got the dawn phenomenon licked… i can hope, anyway!

tomorrow should be interesting. i have to go to the hospital to the hearing aid clinic to get them to sort out my hearing aids (the tubes have a tendency to fill with liquid, and all of a sudden i’m listening to things from underwater. which is horrible and muffled, so it needs sorting). I’ll need lunch either before or after my appointment (at 2.45), so i’ll need to do some kind of planning and thought ahead – beyond just deciding where to eat, at least…

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photos from the archive again… of course i made my own xmas cards again last christmas, although for a while with time issues i wasn’t sure i was going to! I purchased a couple of sets of clear stamps, the first two are Penny Black stamps – ‘Holly Day Critters’, ‘Christmas Critters’ and ‘Perfectly Clear Merry Messages’ – and used these for xmas, along with some other sets i had from last year…

i loved this cheeky cat hanging in the xmas decorations. I used a mix of chalks, colouring pencils and glittery pens to colour in the stamps. the cards were bought ready made - all i had to do was make something to insert inside them.

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some more photos from the archives… Last fireworks night (5th November) I was out with my camera, and while i shot quite a lot of photos and videos, these are the best of the bunch… (photos behind the cut)


This morning i was eager to do something of an experiment. I know i need to avoid carbs in the morning, and that i have to be really careful with fruit, so i thought that fruit in the morning would be a really bad idea. However… Sarah suggested, since i was so desperate for a cold, easy breakfast, that i team greek yoghurt with some fruit. I was a bit sceptical, but thought, well.. give it a go. so i did. I grabbed a tin of peaches from the shop, peaches tinned in juice, not syrup, of course, and had three half peaches with a LOT of greek yoghurt ontop, and a sprinkling of cinnamon (cinnamon effectively acts as a bit of a sweetner… with no calories. There is also ancedotal evidence to show that cinnamon can actually help with insulin resistance and T2 diabetes, however the jury is still out and there are lots of ifs n buts about it – and certainly high doses of the spice, as a replacement for diet/medication is a bad idea. However, i figure a bit on my breakfast won’t hurt, and i like cinnamon).

I was praying and hoping that it wouldn’t spike my blood sugar, and 1 and a half hours later.. it doesn’t seem to have done. Which is really good news and really expands my breakfast capability (especially as i love yoghurt). And i think, if i can eat strawberries (will have to trial those), then it makes getting those strawberry plants for the garden even more imperative.. strawberries and raspberries for breakfast, with yoghurt… mmmm. nomnomnom…

thanks, Sarah!!

Dinner tonight was Thai Green Chicken Curry. i can see this, and variations of, becoming a favorite with us – i love it anyway, but stopped doing it for a while because Michiel got fed up with it, and i had concerns over the fat content of the coconut milk. Happily, on THIS diet, the coconut milk is fine – it might be high fat, but its low carb! And thus, this whole meal is ideal for me – with a small portion of brown rice. I tried stirfrying the cauli rice, but i’m really not impressed with it, nor am i impressed with the amount of cauliflower it takes to make a small portion of rice. So i don’t think i’ll do that again – i’d rather stick to a small portion of rice, and bulk it out, where necessary, with something like cooked white cabbage, chopped very finely.

Thai Green Chicken Curry served with brown rice and egg fried fake cauliflower rice. Very filling: i only cleared half the plate.

I also made up a new batch of sugar free jelly, and noticing that some double cream was due to reach its use by date tomorrow, i remembered a recipe on the diabetic forums for sugar free mousse using sugar free jelly and cream. So i made a packet up using the cream. Its okay – VERY rich, as i essentially ate half a pot of cream in a single setting, and if i do it again, i’ll serve smaller portions. Its not given me a BG spike but i’m pretty sure its not good – no matter WHAT diet you do (low fat, low carb, low protein, low everything, pica, meal replacement thingies), its a fairly simple equation: if you eat more calories than you use, you’ll put on weight. And double cream is, it must be said, fairly hefty in the calorie stakes.

sugarfree (but definitely NOT low-fat) strawberry mousse

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I’ve eaten quite a lot of fatty foods this week – from the fryups for breakfast, to the meals involving cream, creme fraiche, full-fat philadelphia… i know if i am eating a low carb diet i have to get my calories from somewhere but still.. we return to the unassailable equation… if you eat more calories than you expend, you’ll put on weight. So i’ll be surprised if i have lost weight tomorrow – i’m just hoping for a maintain, i think. But still, we’ll see.

A week tomorrow i get to see my diabetic nurse, Cathy, again. I just hope she’s pleased with my progress: I was charting the difference between pre-meals and post meal readings, and you can see, over time, that there’s a huge range in readings the first week, from as high as +7 to as low as -4, but things are settling down now to a much tighter range, and that’s better – i think i’ve said before its the fluctuations in BG that causes the vast majority of the damage when you’re diabetic – that you need to keep your BG as stable as possible, below 7 mmol if you can, preferably below 6 mmol. I’m certainly getting there. And at the end of March i get bloods taken, my HbA1c is taken, and, more importantly, my cholesterol readings are taken. That’s when i’ll find out if this low-carb-higher fat diet is doing any damage in terms of cholesterol…

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