oh yeah. i’m still taking photos. just haven’t been uploading them to flickr/here. (i’ll have to do lots of catch up posts in the next few months, i think.) and since a whole load of snow got dumped on Manchester (well, a few other places too) last night.. well. what photographer could resist taking a few pictures?

Certainly not me.


fresh snowfall!

rest of the photos behind the cut. as per usual!

ankle deep in snow

you can see how deep the snow is here - about 30 cm deep.

snow and cones

wet, sticky snow - which piles up on trees, and bridges branches easily. this was shot from underneath.

snuffling snow

see what i mean about loving to bury her nose in the snow? this is one HAPPEH puppeh...

top of fence

snow resting ontop of the fence, looking along it. i do love geometric lines coupled with nature. there's a beauty in that.


snow buildup on a traffic light


line of trees caught in the snow - another one of those geometric lines / nature things. i adore this photo.


all the trees were coated with snow, which stuck, wetly, to everything, and looked very beautiful. but this one especially caught my eye. stunning.


one solitary dalek (aka compost bin), mouldering under the snow...

rosehip snow

hips on the rose bush against the snow