Minted Pea soup is a bad idea. at least without introducing some kind of fat to slow the absorption of the carbs. Maybe introduce a lil cream? but then, i’m not THAT much a fan of it…a bit of a disappointment as i’ve done so well with lunch in the last few days. (except with the pill taking. For some daft reason i remember no problem at breakfast and dinner, but lunchtime, i keep forgetting to take them. argh.)

Replacing the rice with cabbage for chilli con carne was a success. Michiel wasn’t too fond of it (he does like his rice) but then he loved the breakfast, so he’s not too grumpy about it. I do find that i need a sweet treat in the evening to round off my dinner. The last few nights i’ve been snacking on chocolates/biscuits from the tin from christmas, which is part of the reason why my Fasting Blood Glucose is so high, i’m sure (the other part of the reason is something called dawn phenomenon – which i’ll cover in a future blog post). Anyway. I’ve cut the sugar overload down to one biscuit, so i still feel like i’ve had a bit of a treat (we’re still working on the xmas stuff!) and had a slice of everything-innit bread, toasted, with butter and cheddar ontop, melted. This small amount of carb, together with the (relatively) huge amounts of fat and protein should help to slow the carb absorption over the night to when i get up, and hopefully will counteract the dawn phenomenon. Or so i’m told. the only way to know is to try… will see if it works in the morning.

[data behind cut]

13:14 – FBG – 8.7

13:39 – Pre breakfast reading – 9.2

13: 40 – Breakfast: lamb burger, fried egg, fried mushrooms, 2 coffees with semi skimmed milk + sweetner

15:04 – Post breakfast reading (75) – 8.7. Difference: -0.5

18:20 – Pre lunch reading – 4.7

18:21 – mug minted pea soup and 2 glasses diet coke

19:37 – Post lunch reading (75) – 9.0. Difference: +4.3!

21:51 – Pre dinner reading – 6.3

21:52 – Chilli con Carne and cabbage (rice replacement)

23:04 – Post dinner reading – 8.0. Difference: +1.7

23:10 – 1 biscuit with chocolate chunks and hazelnuts

00:07 – Post biscuit reading: 7.1. Difference: -0.9