FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose) was a bit lower than yesterday. Not the lowest its ever been. I think i need to a) take my FBG a little earlier (it was nearly 10 hours after eating the cheese toastie last night). I *certainly* need to work on eating breakfast earlier. almost 2 hours after waking really isn’t good enough – and the liver keeps dumping glycogen into my body all that time, as you can see from the difference between FBG and Pre-breakfast. Not Good. More planning is required (Pre-breakfast reading should probably have been higher than it is; i took jess out for her walk and then headed over the road to get eggs and mushrooms to make my breakfast with, before eating, and that exercise will have dropped my blood sugar level).

Appointment with Cathy (Diabetes Nurse) at 3.10 today.

It was a good appointment: We had a long chat about my results, and the interpretation of them, including the dawn phenomenon. She actually recommended NOT eating last thing at night, to see if that helps – the newest theory is that just as beta cells (in the pancreas) are affected by diabetes, so are alpha cells – and that in T2 diabetes, the alpha cells (which control the production of glucose from glycogen stored in the liver, which is what actually causes the dawn phenomenon – its linked to the circadian rhythms within the body, the liver feels the body is ready to get up and get going, so it releases stored glucose into the system – which is why my earlier readings are relatively high), don’t turn off when they should do. By having something to eat last thing at night i may actually be inadvertently making that side of things worse. So i’ve instructions to try it and see what happens.

Thankfully she’s *well* on board with me using my body as a science experiment, and pleased with the lunchtime/evening numbers. Not so happy with me eating a burger for breakfast. i got a lecture about cholesterol. so i need to work on that one i think. Come up with some healthier non-carb breakfasts, because i need to get my cholesterol numbers down (more about that in another post). She’s also quite happy to keep prescribing testing strips for me, which is a relief, because many people apparently have problems getting hold of them.

I’ve also been stabbed, twice! once for the regular winter flu jab (which i didn’t even feel), the other was for swine flu. which *did* hurt. thicker liquid, apparently. I’m seeing her again in a month’s time, and she wants a urine sample from me – wants to see if i’m passing certain proteins in my urine, which could be indicative of problems with the kidneys which we’ll need to work on.

It was a good appointment, she’s pleased with me and my progress, and we’ll see how it goes in a month’s time – but the real test will be in March when i get to do another cholesterol test and my Hba1c test (which is like a blood glucose test, but one that takes a sort of over all view of the amount of glucose in my blood for the last 3 months – basically measures the amount of sugar “stuck” to a red blood cell, and since red blood cells renew themselves every three months… its a good way to tell if someone’s cheating!). Mine is quite high at the moment, but that’s my short term aim: to get my cholesterol and Hba1c figures looking good.

Given the weather on the way home (freezing cold) and being tired, i opted for an easy dinner tonight. Needed to try out potato at some point anyway. Its not a brilliant reading – 3.3 – i probably shouldn’t have had the cookies or had fewer wedges. Something to keep an eye on, that, or just not have potato except when a real craving strikes. As instructed, i’m having nothing, bar sugar free drinks, after the biscuits until tomorrow morning – I will also be getting to bed at a reasonable time and trying to get up at a decent time tomorrow!

[data behind cut]

11:06 – FBG – 7.8

12:54 – Pre breakfast reading – 8.6

12:55 – Breakfast: 3 egg omlette with mushrooms, grated cheddar and spring onion, 2 x coffee with semi-skim milk and sweetner

14:22 – Post breakfast reading (75) – 6.2. Difference: -2.4

17:53 – Pre lunch reading – 6.3

17:54 – Lunch: Potato and Leek cupasoup with 3 ryvitas with butter

19:58 – Post lunch reading (75) – 6.9. Difference: +0.6

21:22 – Pre dinner reading – 5.4

21:23 – Dinner: birds eye crispy chicken & oven potato wedges, salad with salad dressing, and 2 cookies for pudding. 2 diet cokes.

23:04 – Post dinner reading (90) – 8.7. Difference: 3.3