FBG was the same as yesterday. However; my period started just after breakfast. I know that my fertility hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) affect my blood sugar, as i’ve had that all my life (being prone to hypoglycemic episodes when i was either ovulating or on my period). What i didn’t know was the exact effect it would have, so i went to look it up. apparently they don’t really know for sure, so there’s a lot of ifs n buts in here, and i’ll have to measure n watch myself. But..


graph charting the rise and fall of various fertility hormones throughout the menstrual cycle

Look at the graph above; particularly oestrogen and progesterone. Oestrogen *may* make my cells more receptive to insulin – in other words, more of the locks work! This will have the effect, when my Oestrogen is high, of making my blood sugar drop. Progesterone, on the other hand, *may* inhibit those locks – meaning that there’s more sugar in my blood. The large majority of the effects occur (as sometimes both oestrogen and progesterone are high, thus cancelling each other out!) between ovulation and menstruation. And given i have a 3 week menstrual cycle, i’m going to spend more time in that phase (luteal) than most women. *sighs*.

On the plus side, my follicular phase (between menustration and ovulation – now i’ve started to bleed, i’m in this phase) is probably the best time to try to eliminate the effect on FBG of fertility hormones (without having a hysterectomy!), so i hope this will help me with getting my FBG down – and, note to self, when you go for HbA1c/cholesterol testing, do so in the follicular phase!!

links: Overcoming the challenges of blood sugar control during menstruation and Menustration, Menopause and Diabetes.

Had to go out to the post office and lidl today. Started out okay.. I’d decided (wisely, i thought), to leave my granny trolley (like the link, only not as chic) at home, given all the snow, and just took 3 material bags with me. One large enough to go over my shoulder – and which normally achieves a good sort of grip against my coat (so it doesn’t slide around too much and require constant readjustment of the strap), the other two i’d carry in my hands. I carefully didn’t buy too much in the way of heavy goods, loaded up, and set off back home. Now, i’d wound a scarf around my head and neck, but unfortunately this was now lying between my coat and the bag on my shoulder, with the result that i’d had to stop every 30 seconds to hitch the straps up. and it was heavy (bottle of diet coke, tin of dog food, bottle of beer, and a UHT carton of milk. yeah. heavvvvvvvvvvy, man!!!!). I’d already had a bit of a rough time in lidl (do you have any idea how much bloody chocolate/cakes/nice stuff that lidl sells? and its not like a bigger supermarket where there are nice convienient ailses dedicated to the bad stuff that you can neatly avoid. Lidl isn’t big enough for that. And i was overdue to eat lunch. All i could think was.. “god.. i’m hungry. and i can’t have that. can’t have that. can’t have that. can’t have that.” I nearly cried.) so the last thing i needed was that bloomin bag.. slipping and sliding all the way home and i fell into a right ol’ pity party by the time i got home. (And my period had started. I mean, i’m not blaming the way i felt on PMT or anything, it wasn’t that, it was just ONE more sodding thing!) Slammed the door, threw my keys at the sofa, put my shopping down, threw my coat off and burst into tears.

oh dear.

Michiel just held me, carefully, while i burbled through the sobs (probably unintelligible) and had my pity party (god, i do love that man), then sat me down and went to put the shopping away for me.

bless him.

And then went out to get the stuff i’d forgotten to get.

double bless him.

Its so not been a good day for me. (did i mention my arm hurts? from the swine flu jab? oh yeah,  THAT feels like someone’s sucker punched it. and i have period pain. see.. that pity party.. still going on…)

But it just got a whole lot better. I watched “My Big Fat Diet Show” the other day, the first episode, and that guy – the sports guy off “Question of Sport” cooked skinny korma. I was skeptical at first, i mean.. i’ve had korma. i love korma. but its sinful – all that cream, the almonds.. not healthy, cholesterol wise! And while i had to make some changes to the recipe (didn’t have natural yoghurt, used tescos healthy living creme fraiche instead, and used chicken instead of turkey, and a lot less chicken, added some veg instead – bell pepper, mushrooms, mangetout, green beans), its still absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous, i’m posting the link to the recipe twice. its HERE. go grab it. (YES, Mum, that means YOU. you can control how much curry powder/garam masala you put in. Remember Aunty Nina? Over the road from Auntie Pauline when i was a kid? it smells like her curries used to smell… Dad will love it. and its healthy!)

I’m experimenting with the brown rice thing. never had it before, even in the PDD (pre-diabetic-days), so i may hate it, and it may make me spike. but we’ll see. 🙂

On the plus side, it doesn’t look as though ryvita make me spike either. which is good – it means i probably won’t react to bread made with rye flour either, so i’m going to look into getting that from a health food shop (on the other side of manchester, so it can bloomin well wait till the snow’s gone!) along with some spelt flour. I’ll keep you informed with progress on all of these.

good news: brown rice doesn’t spike me, and the biscuits haven’t spiked me either. Which is good to know… it may change in future (those beta cells dying off) but i’ve obviously got enough left that i can handle complex carbs without spiking…

[data behind cut]

11:12 – FBG – 7.8

11:46 – Pre breakfast reading – 8.4

11:47 – Breakfast: 3 soft boiled eggs with 3 ryvitas, spread with butter, 2 x coffee with semi-skim milk and sweetner

13:36 – Post breakfast reading (109 mins) – 7.8. Difference: -0.6

15:00 – cup of lemon tea with 3 sweetners (no milk), should have zero effect

17:22 – Pre lunch reading -5.4

17:23 – Lunch (1): banana

18:10 – Lunch (2): 3 ryvitas spread with olivio, 5 slices salami, and a tomato

19:58 – Post lunch reading (108 mins) – 7.0. Difference: +1.6

21:09 – Pre dinner reading -6.4

21:10 – Dinner: absolutely soddin gorgeous skinny chicken korma (with extra veg) and brown rice, 3 biscuits, 3 diet cokes

22:46 – Post dinner reading (90) – 7.2. Difference: +0.3