FBG is slightly lower again. i suspect at this point its slowly lowering because i’m slowly cutting carbs from my system. If i can get it down .2, i’ll be pleased, although if i can get it down further, i’ll be even happier (I need to aim for under 6 really).

Just as an aside: this shows the importance of handwashing before you test. I forgot, earlier, to wash my hands before testing – i was hungry! – stabbed myself, tested, and stuck my finger in my mouth to suck away the blood, which i always do – its an automatic thing. i could taste lemon – and realised if i could taste it, it was going to affect my reading, which was 9.3. Went to wash my hands (I’d grated a lemon for lemon zest) and retested. about a minute, if that, between tests. new result: 7.9!!

Also: dropping the just cooked mushroom with salami and melted cheese ontop of it into the pan which you were poaching eggs in (with lots of water and vinegar) is a BAD idea. i ate it anyway. it was dry and absolutely dreadful. (the other one was much better).

And best of all (i like to save the best for last).. i weighed myself this morning. To explain: with weighing myself, i have two systems. i weigh myself on the second day of my period, to eliminate any weight loss/gain that might arise as a result of hormonal changes – because i’ve noticed that my weight naturally drifts up and down by about 3/4 pounds during the course of my menstrual cycle. I also weigh myself once a week, monday morning, in order to check on progress, but take any loss with a pinch of salt, unless its more than that 3/4 pounds. I’m normally quite scrupulous about not weighing myself on any other morning, except of course, day 2 of my period… which is today.

When i weighed myself monday morning last i was 16 stone 8 pounds, which is 232 pounds. When i weighed myself on day 2 of my last period (16th Dec) i was 234 pounds. This morning, i’m 16 stone 5 pounds – 229 pounds. in the last 5 days i’ve lost 3 pounds, and since my last period, *despite* christmas, i’ve lost 5 pounds (which is proof to me that its a real loss, not just hormonal changes, which the 3 pounds since last monday may well be). I think this is proof that cutting carbs is a good thing for me, that my body responds well to it, and i’m hopeful that this weight loss continues – if only because losing weight will also help majorly in getting my diabetes under control… I’ve been recording my weight since January 2008 – so 2 years now – on skinnyr, and while i let it lapse last summer (so there’s a long straight line.. gah), i can also see from there that my highest ever reading was 245 pounds (17 stone 7) and my lowest to date was 227 (16 stone 3). Going back even further, i know at one point i was tipping the scales at over 18 stone. I think the doc has those records – i might ask Cathy for them next time i see her. they’re an important part of the journey i’m on.

Lunchtime i had my worst reading all week. a rise of 7.4! i think its the pear juice that did it – plus too much bread. 3 is obviously over my limit. i need to think about limiting bread to just one slice. absolute maximum 2 slices. Its just so tiring trying to come up with low carb food options when your food options for most of your life have been around carbs… *sighs*.. must do better, keth!

I screwed up, badly, today. not only at lunchtime – the resulting huge spike eventually had the resulting huge crash. And while i didn’t quite go into the realms of hypo – i actually tested (4.7), i certainly felt like i was, and it felt horrible. ended up eating a good double handful of biscuits to get me through it. and then dinner. I was tempted, at that point, to throw caution to the wind – to say “sod it, i’ve already messed up today, might as well have pasta” but Michiel insisted i behave.  i didn’t bother measuring though. Later i was hungry, and had a big bowl of microwaveable popcorn. low GI, maybe, but not healthy, at least, not that particular one, as its got transfats in it, which i only realised after i’d eaten it.. *sighs*.. must do better tomorrow.

[data behind cut]

09:58 – FBG – 7.2

11:14 – Pre breakfast reading – 7.9

11:15 – Breakfast: 2 x flat mushrooms, brushed with lemon zest, herbs and oil, with a slice of salami, crumbled blue cheese and a poached egg placed on top. 3 x coffee with semi-skimmed milk + sweetner.

12:45 – Post breakfast reading (145 mins) – 5.4. Difference: -2.5

16:10 – Pre lunch reading – 5.8

16:11 – Lunch: 2 x toast, with butter, sardine pate, 1 toast with butter, pear fruit juice

17:42 – Post lunch reading (90 mins) – 11.6. Difference: +7.4!!!!

: – Pre dinner reading: not done

: – Dinner: mushrooms in a LF cream cheese & herb sauce with courgette “pasta”, and lots and lots of biscuits

: – Post dinner reading (90) – . Difference: not done