This morning i had a brainwave. I’ve been frustrated by the fact that i couldn’t eat early enough to stop my liver from punching out the glycogen (the ‘dawn phenomenon effect’), no matter what, i just could not get organised quickly enough to eat breakfast until about an hour after rising. at least. And then, i had my brainwave. Someone had commented that they didn’t think that coffee was enough to stop that automatic production of glucose by the liver … but it obviously didn’t take a lot for that to happen. So, as an experiment, i ate a handful of almond and cashew nuts with my first coffee. And despite the fact that i didn’t have breakfast for another hour and a half, my BG had only risen another 0.2 by that point – so obviously my little trick had worked (compare that with just three days before when there’d been a rise of 0.8 over a similar period of time).

My FBG is up from yesterday, but given the way i spectacularly screwed up last night, not entirely surprising. with luck, tomorrow’s FBG will be a good figure. and tomorrow is weigh in day as well. I’m excited about that!

The other good news is that porridge doesn’t seem to spike me. Its not something i would want to have on a regular basis, as it *is* a carb, but it remains an option for me at this point in time – and i’m rapidly getting rather fed up with mushrooms! Most of all though i just want the snow to clear and the weather to warm up so i can get out and about again more easily. I really want to get over to Chorlton to get the rye and spelt flours to see if they spike me; if they don’t, then i have in mind to try making some biscuits with fake sugar for the evening “treat” or crackers that i can have instead of nuts first thing in the morning. I’m a good cook and its time i really used that to my advantage in this challenge…

Dinner is a spicy lamb dish, with a little bit of rice and a side salad. or it will be once i cook it!! The spicy lamb was lovely, but VERY fatty. not one to have on a regular basis, i think. had 3 biscuits afterwards. I think i have to stop with the biscuits, as i can only think that that is why the relatively big rise, compared to the chicken korma the other day (which also had brown rice in, but saw a very very small rise).

[data behind cut]

13:26 – FBG – 8.1

13:42 – handful almond and cashew nuts with coffee (S-S Milk and sweetner)

15:05 – Pre breakfast reading – 8.3

15:06 – Breakfast: Porridge + banana, sweetner, small handful dried fruit and cinnamon, S-S milk

16:32 – Post breakfast reading (90 mins) – 8.1. Difference: -0.2

19:00 – Pre lunch reading – 5.9

19:03 – Lunch: 2 x very small thin slices everythinginnitbread with LF spread, 2 x soft boiled eggs

20:42 – Post lunch reading (102 mins) – 6.3. Difference: +0.4

22:31 – Pre dinner reading: 5.4

22:32 – Dinner: Spicy Lamb in lettuce cups with small portion brown rice and side salad, 3 biscuits afterwards

00:30 – Post dinner reading (90) – 7.5. Difference: +2.1