I’ll be able to tell better tomorrow but i think i’m best keeping lunch as salad, as there’s a very very small rise associated with that. The biscuits seem to trigger a larger rise than the pudding i had last night- the pork stir fry had no carbs other than what’s in the veg, oh, and a tiny bit of cornflour for thickening. But even so, that shouldn’t trigger a huge rise. Having said that, the chipolata pudding has a LOT of cream in – a whole pint of whipped cream, with real (i.e. not birds) custard as well, which i think slows down the fairly large amount of sugar thats in it. I do have to say though – i only had 1/16th of the whole pud last night!

I have to say though: watching ‘The Hairy Bikers: Mums know best’ was a huge mistake. right now.. all i really want.. is to sink my teeth into the hugest victoria sponge i can make. and then a large scotch egg (although the scotch egg, ironically, is probably okay). Follow that up with a couple of vegetable pakoras, some game pie, sausage rolls and sticky date cake. *sighs*… why do i torture myself like this?

[data behind cut]

10:57 – FBG – 7.0

11:15 – handful almond and cashew nuts with coffee (S-S Milk and sweetner)

12:52 – Pre breakfast reading – 7.9

12:53 – Breakfast: 3 x small LF sausages, 2 x fried eggs, 1 x toast, coffee with SS Milk and sweetner

14:45 – Post breakfast reading – 6.4 . Difference: -1.5

17:06 – Pre lunch reading – 5.8

17:07 – Lunch: tomatoes, cucumber, spring onion with cheese and salami and an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing

18:41 – Post lunch reading – 5.9. Difference: +0.1

20:56 – Pre dinner reading: 5.9

20:57 – Dinner: pork stir fry with pak choi, bok choi, white cabbage, chinese cabbage and various other vegetables. 3 biscuits for afters.

23:10 – Post dinner reading – 7.2. Difference: +1.3