good and bad news this morning. FBG was 6.2, which is really good – the lowest its ever been, i think. Getting up earlier is definitely key. I also didn’t eat enough nuts, i think – Jess was antsying to go out, and what with one thing and another it was nearly 2 hours after getting up before i had breakfast. And the net result is clear to see – Pre-breakfast reading was as high as 9.6. *sighs*. i must eat earlier. Jess is going to have to learn to cross her legs and deal.

(later)… i’m wondering if there was something wrong with the pre-breakfast reading. maybe i didn’t wash my hands enough or touched something between washing my hands and testing that affected the result. But either way, it seems a bit funny to have gone up so much.. and then have fallen back down to my FBG level.. without feeling awful (and with that much of a rise and fall – particularly the fall, i should feel pretty awful, and i don’t).

Come dinnertime and i’m preparing to cook prawn skinny korma. i get as far as the processed onions/spices cooking down into a paste when i open the newly bought (with a use by date of 2nd feb) pot of greek yoghurt from Lidl.. and the whole thing is mouldy. After a lot of swearing and hunting through the fridge/freezer cupboards, i realise that there’s nothing else to eat at all, never mind anything suitable (well, plenty of food, but none of it could be made into a meal) so i ended up having to go to the local takeout. *sighs*. i did the best i could, but i will NOT be doing that again – i’ve decided to try to find a “good” ready meal or something similar that i can keep in the freezer or in the cupboard or something, so that in a similar event.. i’m not stuck like this again.

[data behind cut]

10:17 – FBG – 6.2

10:30 – handful almond and cashew nuts with coffee (S-S Milk and sweetner)

11:56 – Pre breakfast reading – 9.6

11:57 – Breakfast: 3 sausages, 2 scrambled eggs, 2 mushrooms

13:35 – Post breakfast reading – 6.4. Difference: -3.2

16:28 – Pre lunch reading – 6.1

16:29 – Lunch: 3 x ryvitas with tuna mayo and cucumber slices

18:20 – Post lunch reading – 7.6. Difference: +1.5

20:41 – Pre dinner reading: 5.3

20:42 – Dinner: 2 x chicken burger & chips

22:20 – Post dinner reading – 7.6. Difference: +2.3