Well, the FBG is no surprise, given the way i spectacularly came off the rails last night. and i didn’t post this today because i was running around like a headless chicken trying to get the shopping done. In fact, i screwed up badly – had lunch way later than i should’ve done n had too many carbs, which is going to affect tomorrow morning’s FBG. *sigh*. i am NOT doing too well at the moment… I don’t know. Maybe i’m being too hard on myself, trying to put all this into practice and get it all perfect the first time, which frankly, ain’t gonna happen. I guess all i can do is to pick myself up after a fall and press on, and learn from it.

On the plus side, shopping today was great – i got very very lucky at the “reduced” section – picked up 2 packs of lamb mince for 1.43 each (reduced from 2.50 i think), a pack of minted lamb chops for £2.50 (reduced from £5.00), 2 large cornfed tesco finest whole chicken for £4.53 each (reduced from £9.70 each), 8 packs of normal white closed button mushrooms for 40p each (reduced from 80p each) and 4 packs of chestnut mushrooms for 54p each (reduced from 1.08 each). The lamb mince and chops went straight into the freezer, the chickens went straight into the oven when i got home, the meat stripped and in the freezer in portion bags, and the carcasses in the stock pot for making stock today (chicken and mushroom soup this weekend i think), the mushrooms have been cooked down, and similarly put into the freezer in portion sizes, the juice from the mushrooms added to the stock pot (better be chicken and mushroom soup i think!). Total savings: £20.34. I did gooooooooood. 🙂

I also picked up a slow cooker today from argos (a good one, Morphy Richards, for £23.99 (reduced from £49.99)), paid for out of the money given to me for christmas by various family members, which makes today’s total savings £46.34. Good thing really, as today i’m having a bookshelf delivered, also from argos, for £34.99 (but even so, i’m still in the black!). This is going to go in the kitchen, between the fridge and freezer, for glasses, mugs, herbs n the like to stand on, and to help ease the serious space issues i’ve got in there. (Things would probably be a lot easier if it wasn’t for the fact that we have mice: everything in packets has to be either kept in the top cupboard or put in boxes, which reduces the space we have available. But no matter what, we can’t get rid of the mice – not until “‘im upstairs” moves out and a new tenant is put in who is prepared to be responsible about leaving food out…)

I’ve also got 2 books to wade through on diabetes: “Type 2 Diabetes: the first year“, by Gretchen Becker, and the “Collins Gem Calorie Counter Book” which arrived this morning. FINALLY (the first one should’ve arrived on 7th Jan, according to amazon – bloomin postman). Well, the second is just lists of food and their nutritional content, so not so much reading that one as learning how to use it. this is one hell of a learning curve though…

I also visited the library today. Gotten two books on low GI food (since they don’t have any low carb books, but they’ve promised to look out for some for me) – with luck i’ll find some decent recipes in those two – a thriller by Tess Geristen, who i *do* like, a book taking the p*** out of the English, which looks like a lot of fun, a sidney sheldon novel (been years since i read any of his, will give it a try), and a biography of the queen mum… i’ve also got some of my xmas books still to wade through.. 🙂 (and that’s not even mentioning the +70 programmes we’ve got recorded on the PVR and the rather large pile of DVDs we both got for xmas!).

[data behind cut]

10:27 – FBG – 8.0

10:48 – Pre breakfast reading – 8.4

10:49 – Breakfast: porridge & coffee

12:21 – Post breakfast reading – 11.3 Difference: +2.9

16:52 – Pre lunch reading – 6.3

16:53 – Lunch: southern chicken slices + salad

18:37 – Post lunch reading – 7.1. Difference: +0.8

20:40 – Pre dinner reading: 6.3

20:41 – Dinner: Prawn skinny korma with side veg and brown rice (ate about half, wasn’t hungry)… later, had oat crackers (nairn equivalent), a little cheese, some more southern chicken slices and chipolata pudding

00:36 – Post dinner reading – 8.4. Difference: 2.1