Again, the FBG wasn’t good. But, again, given yesterday’s consumption of carbs, particularly last night, not entirely a surprise…

One thing i forgot to mention last night: I picked up some packs of sugar free jelly in the supermarket. I’m going to make these up into small plastic pots, and i’ve a can of squirty cream in the fridge too, that doesn’t seem too bad on the sugar/carb front, so when i need a sweet fix, i’ve got that to turn to. I’ve also found a recipe on one of the diabetic forums for low carb choc brownie, and the low GI books i got from the library yesterday have recipes for low GI sweet stuff, but they need something called Xylitol, which i have to get from the health food shop. So there is hope for the future as far as my sweet tooth goes (and that’s without even turning to thorntons to investigate the diabetic chocolate..!)

Michiel is off to visit a friend tonight so i get the house to myself. I think i’m going to close the curtains, put music on, and dance.  🙂  I loved dancing as a kid – and i still do, when i’m confident that no one is going to laugh at me (i.e. when no one’s watching!). Maybe time to rediscover that inner part of me…?

did the dancing. and had a LOT of fun doing it!!! I definitely need to do this more often… 🙂

i also started to read “Type 2 Diabetes: the first year”. in it, i read something that no one else has seen fit to mention at this point. which is, if i do get retinopathy (which is the diabetic related condition that makes you go blind), its not incurable: you can have laser treatment which will help. This is not a reason not to do something about this but it does reassure me that if the worst comes to the worst, if, despite everything i do, i still get it.. there is still hope.

i cried when i read that. and i realised at that point just how much the thought of going blind had been freaking me out. and how much pressure has been lifted.

i can breathe again now.

[data behind cut]

10:27 – FBG – 8.1

10:45 – Handful nuts & coffee

12:24 – Pre breakfast reading – 9.6

12:25 – Breakfast: Sausage and Cheese Omelette

15:50 – Post breakfast reading – 5.4  Difference: -4.2

17:09 – Pre lunch reading -5.3

17:10 – Lunch: cupasoup, toast with butter, banana

18:20 – Post lunch reading – 8.4. Difference: +3.1

22:39 – Pre dinner reading: 9.1

22:40 – Dinner: Stirfry with quorn and sugarfree jelly for pud

00:18 – Post dinner reading – 6.2. Difference: -2.9