FBG this morning is surprisingly low, given i was testing relatively late – and i wonder if thats because i effectively ate so late last night? or maybe its that i tested relatively quickly after getting up – i usually put coffee on then test with my coffee at the desk – this morning i was testing within 4 minutes of being up. hmmm.

I think Porridge is going to be have to be ruled out as a breakfast item. this morning’s rise was really bad – up 4.7! It will have to be all protein breakfasts for me from now on i think. *sighs*.

Tonight’s dinner is low-carb pizza. Pizza is obviously a problem when low-carbing, so some bright spark has come up with an alternative pizza base – using eggs and different cheeses (i think creating something like a solidly set frittata), baked in a pan, with the usual pizza toppings ontop. I don’t suppose we’ll be able to hold the slices in the same way as regular pizza, and probably won’t taste the same, but still. we’ll see….

might have a go either this afternoon or tomorrow at low-carb chocolate brownies. the hardest part about all this is the deprivation of “nice” things, which are so often flour/sugar based. something like sugar free jelly is a start, and does help, but things like low-carb choc brownies are also a big step forward in not feeling deprived.

Well, the "no flour pizza" certainly *looks* good, doesn't it? but what about the underside, the base bit - because that's the bit that's different about this recipe, right?

and here's the underside of the base. It looks rather like a quiche, right? that's basically what it is - a mix of hard cheeses scattered over the base of the pan, and a mix of eggs and cream cheese poured over it, then baked in the oven to create a thin layer that the tomato bit and various toppings can be applied to to make the "pizza".

Ah, i hear you say, but how did it taste? Actually.. surprisingly good. It didn’t have the same bready/crunch factor as a pizza (i mean, even a deep pan pizza has a little bit of crunch where the breadbase has gone all toasty against the bottom of the pan, you know?), and you definitely couldn’t hold it the way you could with a normal pizza – this has to be eaten with a knife and fork. And if you don’t like cheese, then you won’t like this – it has a very strong cheese flavour, but that apart, it tastes like a regular ol’ pizza. I did a mix of mushroom and salami toppings, with lots of cheese – cheddar, mozarella and parmesan, and it could’ve used a little more spice – if i do this again, then i’m definitely going to put more herbs and spices into the base. Its also not one for someone on a conventional low fat diet – it went into a buttergreased pan, and uses a LOT of cheese – you can see yourself the grease marks this makes on the plate. but it has zero carbs, and this is reflected in the BG rise after this meal – 0.3 mmol – which is pretty good going.

However, discussions earlier today with another diabetic on the diabetes forum i found this recipe on pointed me towards another possibility. Filo pastry. Although its made with wheat flour, and has a high amount of carbs per 100g (62g per 100g – compare this to 46g per 100g for flaky pastry, 54.3g per 100g for shortcrust pastry and 46.6g per 100g for wholemeal pastry and you see its not exactly in the lowest proportion of carbs per 100g of the various pastry types), the difference between filo and shortcrust/flaky/puff/etc. is that with filo, its actually pretty hard to use a lot of it in one go. the only thing i can think of that would is something like baklava and i’m not going to eat that anyway! Anyway, we were discussing using a single sheet of filo wrapped around salmon to make a parcel with spinach, and the lady pointed out that this would be okay because so little is used, it wouldn’t have a huge effect on BG. and i wonder if it could be used for pizza instead, as a base. I’ll have to experiment.

I didn’t get to do my lowcarb chocolate brownies, sadly. I ran out of eggs – i need to get some in the morning.

Soy flour is something else i need to investigate. It seems that soy flour is much lower in carbs than regular flour (23.5g per 100g for the full fat soya flour, vs 71g per 100g for plain white flour ). there’s a recipe on the diabetic forums for low carb pancakes made with this. Ground almonds seems to be another popular flour replacement, but ground almonds are expensive, so one to be saved for more special things, i think. I have no idea how much soya flour is – something to look into at the health food shop when i go over on monday, i think.

[data behind cut]

12:04 – FBG – 6.9

12:25 – Pre breakfast reading – 7.4

12:25 – Breakfast: Porridge and banana (full fat milk, with a little bit of butter stirred through, no dried fruits), see if that makes a difference. oh, and coffee, FFMilk, 2 sweetners.

14:08 – Post breakfast reading – 12.1.   Difference: +4.7!!

16:36 – Pre lunch reading – 4.2

16:37 – Lunch: 3 chicken fillets, 5 tomatoes, sugar free jelly and cream

18:09 – Post lunch reading – 6.4. Difference: +2.2

21:38 – Pre dinner reading: 5.8

21:39 – Dinner: no flour pizza and salad, followed by sugar free jelly and cream

23:32 – Post dinner reading – 6.1. Difference: +0.3