I am now officially the lightest i have been in 2 years.. and i suspect the lightest i have been in many years. I weighed in at 16 stone 2 pound (226 pounds) this morning, which is 3 pounds below what i was last monday, and i’m really pleased with that. I’m really hoping that next monday i’ll tip below the 16 stone mark – that’s a major barrier for me, and if i manage it, then it’ll be proof that this weight loss is *real*, you know?

FBG – not so good as yesterday. 6.7, which i’m happy with – its below the 7 line, and that’s the highest i want it to get for FBG, really (although i’d be happier with lower). I really have to watch 2 seperate things: the FBG, and the before/after meals differential, but also the post meal rise – again, this isn’t something you want to get very high, as it’ll have an effect on my HbA1c result in March (which is the average BG reading for 3 months or so). Getting those three readings right as much as possible will keep my BG as steady as possible, and that’s what’s needed for optimum health on diabetes.

plans for today: the leash broke yesterday, the spring finally gave way, so i have to go get a replacement leash from the pet shop. Also want to head to the chinese supermarket, pick up some beansprouts and spring roll pastry (not to mention some chinese pancakes – the kind you use with crispy duck. I want to experiment with using these to make a pizza), and then to aldi to do a little shopping there.

I ended up doing salmon with the spring roll pastry. It worked well, although it needs a lil jazzing up – will almost certainly do again, and will try the trick with other foods as well – perhaps chicken, and other pie/pastry type dishes.

low-carb dinner: wild salmon and spinach wrapped in filo pastry, oven baked with stir fried veg on the side.

Wild salmon and spinach wrapped in filo pastry and oven baked. Served with stirfried veg.

Also had a gorgeous looking pudding after dinner: low carb brownies with strawberries and no-sugar squirty cream. wasn’t as good as it looked – the brownies really are too bitter, and don’t really satisfy that chocolate craving.

low-carb brownies and strawberries with squirty cream

not sure i’ll do this again – maybe if i get the brownie recipe a bit better.

[data behind cut]

11:32 – FBG – 6.7

12:05 – Pre breakfast reading – 7.4

12:06 – Breakfast: 3 x soft boiled eggs, 2 x coffee with FF milk and sweetner

13:53 – Post breakfast reading – 7.6.

Difference: +0.2

17:30 – Lunch: 2 ryvita + tuna mayo, 3 cherry tomatoes, 1 banana

20:34 – Pre dinner reading:6.3

20:35 – Dinner:

22:06 – Post dinner reading – 6.8.

Difference: +0.5