FBG this morning was surprisingly low, given last night’s blowout on chipolata pud, but still. I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Not an ideal FBG, but better than 8+.

still feeling very down and low. Sofa day, i used to call this – the desire to just curl up on the sofa and do absolutely nothing. So far, i’ve mostly managed to fight through it – now i’m wondering if i should just give in, just for today.

I’m also wondering if at least some of this is linked to the time of month – I’m almost certainly ovulating, with the associated drop in oestrogen, FSH and LH hormones (see graph to see what i mean). There’s a couple days after Ovulation where just about all the hormones are low, before oestrogen and progesterone begin a gentle rise again, before they dip once more around the time of my period. I’ve always felt the associated “blah” during my period, but it makes sense if i feel this way after ovulation too. If i feel better tomorrow then i’ll know, pretty much, that it was this that was causing it, rather than anything else, and i can make a note of this for next month.

So: i had a carb breakfast, for a change (you have no idea how fed up i am of bacon, sausages, eggs and mushrooms) – it spiked me, a +3 rise, not ideal, but once a week i think is going to be okay. Dinner will be mushroom pasta – I’m going to put a lot more sauce in than pasta, on my plate at least, and i’m hoping that the amount of cream, butter and cheese in the dish will slow the absorption of the pasta suitably (and i’m using wholemeal pasta, which may also help. a bit). If i can manage a bit of pasta without spiking then that will help too – its all little things at this point.

Also found a recipe for egg fried “rice” made with grated cauliflower – so i may give that a go at some point….

(later) It seems pasta, eaten with a suitably fatty dish, at least, wholemeal pasta, doesn’t spike me. I’ll need to test tomorrow morning to be sure, but 3 hours later, there’s no spike, just a gentle rise, which is what you would see from slow absorption. In addition, transit time (i.e. time taken from eating a meal through to um.. exit at the other end!) is now 24 hours – at one point it was much much faster, around 6 hours, which is good news. I think the next thing is to try it with something perhaps not so fatty, such as spag bol, and from there, perhaps experiment with lasagnes and other pasta type dishes.

the fog seems to be lifting a bit – i feel better this evening than i did yesterday, so we’ll see how i feel in the morning…

[data behind cut]

12:09 – FBG – 7.3

13:12 – Pre breakfast reading – 7.2

12:21 – Breakfast: Porridge + banana

14:41 – Post breakfast reading – 10.2

Difference: +3.0

18:28 – Pre lunch reading – 5.9

18:29 – Lunch: 2 x ryvitas, cheese, sausages x2 and red pepper ontop

20:16 – Post lunch reading – 6.8

Difference: +0.9

21:14 – Pre dinner reading: 6.3

21:15 – Dinner: Mushroom Pasta with cream and parmesan cheese, sugar free jelly with squirty cream

22:28 – Post dinner reading: 6.4

Difference: +0.1

00:56 – Post dinner reading no 2: 6.6

Difference: +0.3