okay. its obviously not related to ovulating.. felt a little better yesterday but not on top of the world – i guess i just have to give it time. Did spend the afternoon on the couch catching up on some stuff i’d recorded before xmas – “The Queen”, 5 hour long episodes taking different crisis points of the Queen’s life. It was an interesting series and i learned some information i didn’t know.

re: breakfast… i still feel this is the key meal – if i get this right, the rest of it is fairly easy to follow. but you have no idea how fed up i am of cooking and ploughing through a cooked breakfast. I mean.. it sounds like heaven, right? but its not, really. this morning i couldn’t eat the whole lamb burger.. i just gave up on it. (maybe that’s why i’m really losing weight… its really making me lose my appetite). If i can get breakfast sorted then it opens up what i can have for lunch – eggs, for example, i love them hard boiled but having eggs twice in one day is a bit much. I’m also concerned at the amount of fat i am eating, i mean, i know i have to get my calories from somewhere and that cholesterol is actually affected by carbs, not fat, as was thought for so long, but even so. it still concerns me – everything in moderation – so i really need to work on better options for breakfast.

(and i really long for a bowl of cereal. i reckon i know now, why toast and cereal are so popular in the morning: they’re *easy*. you don’t have to faff around with them, or think about them. you can just eat them while you’re half asleep. maybe that’s half the battle… deciding what i want to eat the night before, and doing what i can to pre-prepare rather than doing it all in the morning. Maybe i also need to go to the extent of planning breakfast for the entire week ahead, like i do with evening meals. hmmm.)

What hasn’t helped is that i had an unpleasant email from that old friend, after i said no to her. she said some things that struck home, as i knew she would, and i know its sour grapes that she’s not been able to get her fingers into me again, more than anything, but still. Much as i try to stop it, what she said has been playing on my mind, and probably will for a while. Still, Michiel has her blocked now, so she can’t do any more damage, which is something.

[data behind cut]

12:28 – FBG – 7.9

12:56 – Pre breakfast reading – 8.2

12:22 – Breakfast: 2 x sausages, 2 x fried egg, 1/2 lamb burger

14:37 – Post breakfast reading – 7.6

Difference: -0.8

(lunch reading not taken)

17:40 – Lunch: 2 x ryvitas, cheese, cucumber and 5 pickled onions

21:07 – Pre dinner reading: 6.3

21:08 – Dinner: Chilli, small portion brown rice, large portion fake rice, with sugar free jelly for pud

22:33 – Post dinner reading: 7.9

Difference: +1.6

second pudding around midnight: small portion chipolata pudding

Difference: +0.3