Went out today, to lidl, and the post office (to return the “Torchwood: Children of Earth” DVD that Michiel got me for xmas, not realising it was already in the box set of Torchwood that he also bought me), and getting out into the fresh air certainly helped. Although i walk jess every day (at least to the local park, a couple times a bit further), getting out and socialising helps too. Must remember that. I think with the snow and so on i got a bit.. i dunno.. shy of social contact, and that’s important, even if its just smiling at strangers. Must remember that.

What’s also helped is the fact that a catalogue plopped through the door this morning for Dobies of Devon, which is a seed/plant catalogue. It reminded me of growing-your-own and something in me went “ooh”. so i had a flick through and i could feel myself responding immediately. So that’s something to think about, the garden next season, although i have to say, right now, the garden looks a MESS. I also have to find out if the housing plan to replace the fence around the garden this year: if they are, then there’s no real point in growing anything close by the fence, as it’ll just get trampled on.

Strawberries, in particular, are occupying my mind. They have 6 g carb per 100g, so provided i don’t dump loads of sugar ontop, they’re probably okay, at least, eaten raw and whole (fruit is something i have to be careful with: Fructose (fruit sugar) may be slightly slower to breakdown and enter the bloodstream than glucose, but it still doesn’t mean its a good thing to eat. And the more processed it is, the worse its going to be for me). Dobies have a special offer on of 24 strawberry plants – 6 each of ‘Christine’, ‘Sallybright’, ‘Amelia’ and ‘Malling Opal’ for £19.95, which looks quite good, and to be honest, my existing strawberry plants are getting a bit past it, as they mostly date from about 4 years ago. digging them all up would enable me to get in and root out any slug eggs (there were quite a few slugs in the strawberry patch last summer) and maybe put down some kind of mat to protect them, weighted down with gravel or something (which slugs dislike too). It’d also give me the opportunity to put some good fertiliser down, which would be good for the currant bushes that are also in that patch. If i decide to go this route, though, i do need to shop around and make sure i get the best deal.

Dinner tonight was a real success in terms of BG – i actually had a negative reading, which is unusual for dinner. I think its because there was so much protein and fat, and relatively little carbs. It wasn’t so much of a success in terms of the food being good. The chicken in cream was okay – i’ve done that before, but i couldn’t remember the exact amounts of cream/mustard/tarragon/butter, or the oven temp/cooking time, so i had to guestimate and that did affect how the dish came out – the cream had curdled a little, although i dished it up anyway.

Cheesy Mustard Chicken with Broccoli & Cauli mash and mixed veg. The cheesy chicken is actually a recipe i've had for years: the chicken breast is stuffed with a soft blue cheese, double cream mixed with french (i used wholegrain) mustard is poured *around* (not over) the chicken breasts on the plate, then the exposed breast is brushed with melted butter infused with tarragon and more mustard. Its then baked in the oven. Low fat it isn't!!! I got this recipe from a set of recipe card files that mom bought me when i was just learning to cook - "simply delicious" - i think she got fed up with the nightly calls asking "MOoooommmmm how'doiboilanegg"? That was at the beginning of the '90s. I don't think she quite knew what she was starting then....

But the cauli/broccoli mash wasn’t a huge success. Bit too wet, and not cooked quite enough, i think. The original recipe mentioned steaming the veg, and i think that helps a lot in terms of preventing it being wet, so next time, i’ll stick to the exact recipe and see if its any better. Its worth persevering with, not so much as a mash to go with something on the plate (might as well just dump cauli on the plate and mash with the fork) but as a mashed potato replacement for things like cottage pie. It has very high ratings on the diabetic forum i frequent, so i think i did it really wrong.

[data behind cut]

12:24 – FBG – 6.7

12:49 – Pre breakfast reading – 6.8

12:50 – Breakfast: Leftover Chilli & Fake rice from last night

14:19 – Post breakfast reading – 8.5

Difference: +1.7

17:11 – Pre lunch reading – 5.6

17:12 – Lunch: Chicken Tikka pieces, with tomato and cucumber and an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing, with 1 piece sunflower rye bread spread with LF marg

18:59 – Post lunch reading – 7.3

Difference: +1.7

20:55 – Pre dinner reading: 5.7

20:56 – Dinner: Chicken breasts stuffed with blue cheese, baked in a french mustard and tarragon cream sauce, served with cauli  and broccoli mash, carrots and green beans. Sugar free jelly and squirty cream for pudding.

22:37 – Post dinner reading: 5.6

Difference: -0.1