This morning i was eager to do something of an experiment. I know i need to avoid carbs in the morning, and that i have to be really careful with fruit, so i thought that fruit in the morning would be a really bad idea. However… Sarah suggested, since i was so desperate for a cold, easy breakfast, that i team greek yoghurt with some fruit. I was a bit sceptical, but thought, well.. give it a go. so i did. I grabbed a tin of peaches from the shop, peaches tinned in juice, not syrup, of course, and had three half peaches with a LOT of greek yoghurt ontop, and a sprinkling of cinnamon (cinnamon effectively acts as a bit of a sweetner… with no calories. There is also ancedotal evidence to show that cinnamon can actually help with insulin resistance and T2 diabetes, however the jury is still out and there are lots of ifs n buts about it – and certainly high doses of the spice, as a replacement for diet/medication is a bad idea. However, i figure a bit on my breakfast won’t hurt, and i like cinnamon).

I was praying and hoping that it wouldn’t spike my blood sugar, and 1 and a half hours later.. it doesn’t seem to have done. Which is really good news and really expands my breakfast capability (especially as i love yoghurt). And i think, if i can eat strawberries (will have to trial those), then it makes getting those strawberry plants for the garden even more imperative.. strawberries and raspberries for breakfast, with yoghurt… mmmm. nomnomnom…

thanks, Sarah!!

Dinner tonight was Thai Green Chicken Curry. i can see this, and variations of, becoming a favorite with us – i love it anyway, but stopped doing it for a while because Michiel got fed up with it, and i had concerns over the fat content of the coconut milk. Happily, on THIS diet, the coconut milk is fine – it might be high fat, but its low carb! And thus, this whole meal is ideal for me – with a small portion of brown rice. I tried stirfrying the cauli rice, but i’m really not impressed with it, nor am i impressed with the amount of cauliflower it takes to make a small portion of rice. So i don’t think i’ll do that again – i’d rather stick to a small portion of rice, and bulk it out, where necessary, with something like cooked white cabbage, chopped very finely.

Thai Green Chicken Curry served with brown rice and egg fried fake cauliflower rice. Very filling: i only cleared half the plate.

I also made up a new batch of sugar free jelly, and noticing that some double cream was due to reach its use by date tomorrow, i remembered a recipe on the diabetic forums for sugar free mousse using sugar free jelly and cream. So i made a packet up using the cream. Its okay – VERY rich, as i essentially ate half a pot of cream in a single setting, and if i do it again, i’ll serve smaller portions. Its not given me a BG spike but i’m pretty sure its not good – no matter WHAT diet you do (low fat, low carb, low protein, low everything, pica, meal replacement thingies), its a fairly simple equation: if you eat more calories than you use, you’ll put on weight. And double cream is, it must be said, fairly hefty in the calorie stakes.

sugarfree (but definitely NOT low-fat) strawberry mousse

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I’ve eaten quite a lot of fatty foods this week – from the fryups for breakfast, to the meals involving cream, creme fraiche, full-fat philadelphia… i know if i am eating a low carb diet i have to get my calories from somewhere but still.. we return to the unassailable equation… if you eat more calories than you expend, you’ll put on weight. So i’ll be surprised if i have lost weight tomorrow – i’m just hoping for a maintain, i think. But still, we’ll see.

A week tomorrow i get to see my diabetic nurse, Cathy, again. I just hope she’s pleased with my progress: I was charting the difference between pre-meals and post meal readings, and you can see, over time, that there’s a huge range in readings the first week, from as high as +7 to as low as -4, but things are settling down now to a much tighter range, and that’s better – i think i’ve said before its the fluctuations in BG that causes the vast majority of the damage when you’re diabetic – that you need to keep your BG as stable as possible, below 7 mmol if you can, preferably below 6 mmol. I’m certainly getting there. And at the end of March i get bloods taken, my HbA1c is taken, and, more importantly, my cholesterol readings are taken. That’s when i’ll find out if this low-carb-higher fat diet is doing any damage in terms of cholesterol…

[data behind cut]

11:36 – FBG – 6.1

11:54 – Pre breakfast reading: 5.9

11:55 – Breakfast: 3 tinned peach halves (from juice) with greek yoghurt and cinnamon

13:43 – Post breakfast reading: 7.1

Difference: +1.2

15:52 – Pre lunch reading: 5.6

15:53 – Lunch: 2 x soft boiled eggs and 1 piece rye bread with LF marg

17:32 – Post lunch reading: 6.6

Difference: +1.0

21:22 – Pre dinner reading:5 .7

21:23 – Dinner: Thai Green Chicken Curry with small portion brown rice and egg fried fake rice (aka grated cauliflower)

23:12 – Post dinner reading: 6.4

Difference: +0.7