Had a very pleasant surprise this morning: stepped on the scales and i’ve lost weight! Not through the 16 stone barrier, as i had hoped last week, but bang on 16 stone (224 lbs) – so next week, maybe? I’ve lost 2 pounds this week – which is good, if you lose weight too quickly then your skin doesn’t keep up with you and you wind up having lots of loose skin, which isn’t the most attractive thing ever (and i don’t personally fancy an operation to remove it).

FBG was also pretty low, which is good too, although some of that is undoubtedly due to rising earlier than normal (but what really pleased me was the relatively small rise between FBG and breakfast – 0.2, even though there was more than an hour’s gap). Maybe, just maybe, i’ve got the dawn phenomenon licked… i can hope, anyway!

tomorrow should be interesting. i have to go to the hospital to the hearing aid clinic to get them to sort out my hearing aids (the tubes have a tendency to fill with liquid, and all of a sudden i’m listening to things from underwater. which is horrible and muffled, so it needs sorting). I’ll need lunch either before or after my appointment (at 2.45), so i’ll need to do some kind of planning and thought ahead – beyond just deciding where to eat, at least…

[data behind cut]

11:10 – FBG – 5.6

12:13 – Pre breakfast reading: 5.8

12:15 – Breakfast: 4 tinned peach halves (from juice) with greek yoghurt and cinnamon

13:4 – Post breakfast reading: 7.4

Difference: +1.6

16:28 – Pre lunch reading: 5.1

16:30 – Lunch: tuna mayo rolled in 2 x red peppers (deli), cucumber slices on the side

18:40 – Post lunch reading: 6.0

Difference: +0.8

20:26 – Pre dinner reading: 6.0

20:27 – Dinner: salmon wrapped in spring roll pastry with lemon slices and butter, with cauliflower cheese on the side. Jelly and squirty cream for pud.

22:01 – Post dinner reading: 7.1

Difference: +1.1