I ended up cancelling my hearing aid appointment at the hospital. I woke up this morning at about 10am, stumbled in the living room to stab myself then sat here at the computer, trying to get up the energy to move and have a bath and so on. And i just felt awful – not emotionally, but physically (probably to do with feeling rather constipated). I eventually gave up, emailed the hospital to cancel my appointment, then stumbled back to bed. It was 1.45 when i woke up – the constipation cleared and i immediately felt *much* better – had breakfast, took jess, did some housework and then went to Lidl.

I wonder if the constipation was the result of having fruit for breakfast? Tomorrow will tell: I’ll be having fresh strawberries and frozen raspberries with my yoghurt tomorrow, so we’ll see.

[data behind cut]

10:09 – FBG – 5.9

[feeling awful, went back to bed]

14:04 – Pre breakfast reading: 7.3

14:05 – Breakfast: 3 small sausages, 2 fried eggs, 1/2 tin plum tomatoes, 1/2 slice rye bread with LF marg

15:56 – Post breakfast reading: 6.3

Difference: -1.0

18:01 – Pre lunch reading: 5.0

18:02 – Lunch: chinese chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, 1 deli red pepper, 1 slice rye bread with LF marg

19:46 – Post lunch reading: 5.9

Difference: +0.9

21:00 – Pre dinner reading: 6.3

21:02 – Dinner: spicy seafood pasta, sugar free jelly & Squirty cream

22:34 – Post dinner reading: 6.7

Difference: +0.3