I’ve had to miss a few days of blogging and testing. Mostly because i ran out of test strips, and partly because i wasn’t very well on thursday – I’d slept wrongly or something and my back was terrifically sore. Fortunately, a day of rest saw me aright again, and on friday i was shopping, as yesterday. Still, we’re all stocked up with food and stuff now, which is good – as the weather promises to be suitably inclement next week (and there’s snow on the ground now. not a lot, just a dusting, but still. its that cold! Not as bad as Stonehead has it up in Scotland, though, and i am *so* thankful for that…)

I’ve missed testing my BG. that offers a level of control that i’m just not ready to give up – plus it helps to “remind” me about my diabetes. with not testing, the last few days (except for FBG, i’ve kept enough strips to allow me to do that one, which is important) i’ve forgotten my meds, twice (yesterday lunch and dinner), and been awfully tempted by things i shouldn’t be having. *thankfully*, i stocked up on goodies while i was shopping on friday: diabetic chocolate from thorntons (the mint ones are lovely, but *hellishly* expensive (about twice the price of regular chocolate), and they still have carbs in, so i still can’t scoff a whole box in one go or anything, but i allow myself one treat after dinner, and it tastes all the better for it) and some diabetic suckysweets from Boots (also on the expensive side, and still have some carbs in, so i still have to be careful), so i do have something for my sweet-fix.

I also made, on friday, some raspberry mousse: take one packet of sugar free jelly, mix with 1/4 pint of boiling water. Add 1/2 pint cold water once the crystals are all dissolved, and then 1/4 pint of double cream and whisk furiously. put into tubs/bowls and leave to set. you can either eat on their own or put sugar free squirty cream ontop, or even pulverise some raspberries/strawberries, with a little sweetner, to make a sauce, which you can pour over, with a little squirty cream. Grate a little diabetic chocolate from thorntons over the top and you have a pudding worthy of anyone, diabetic or not!

Tomorrow i get to see Cathy (the diabetic nurse) when i can hopefully get some more test strips and certainly a prescription for some more meds (which i’m also running out of – and i need to find out how to get more if i run out between appointments with her). She said last time she wanted to stick me with the pnumonia jab this time, and check my feet over. I want to ask her for referral to see the eye specialist, as i’ve some concerns there, and i’m really hoping she’ll be pleased with not only my weight loss but also my BG figures. I also want to ask her if, if i keep up with this level of control, just once a month, one meal, i can have anything i want, no matter what it does to my BG, even if its just a small amount. Something that is too difficult to replicate in a low-carb way, for example, a meal involving ooh, i dunno.. roast potatoes, and a pudding involving spun sugar (the only examples i can think of off the top of my head!).

Its also weigh in day tomorrow, and my period is due to start today. Again, i’m keen to know if i’ve lost any more weight, and since i measure *real* weight loss between my periods (as that eliminates any possibility of weight loss/gain being due to hormones – water retention n that), if I’m below the 16 stone mark, i’ll be so so pleased, as that’ll be a real, concrete loss. I think i probably am as my belt has been tightening all month (and not uncomfortably so), but still. i don’t want to get too excited in case i’ve not and then i’ll feel terribly down. so we’ll see.

i also borrowed a book on crochet from the library, again. I’ve tried several times to get the hang of this but i’ve not managed it yet. Mum did show me, briefly, but i think i need longer with her, really. Maybe when i go to stay with them, which will be soonish, i think. In the meantime, i can have another go with this book. i keep trying, on the basis that different people explain things differently and one day it might just click for me. Still. we’ll see…

this afternoon i’m making loempia for dinner and possibly some kind of cake or something. We’ll see – i borrowed some low-carb books from the library and they’re really good – one in particular is *excellent*, a vegetarian low-carb book. Oh, and i’ve been experimenting with using lettuce leaves as a bread replacement for lunch: smear the leaves with something like soft cheese, then add maybe a slice of wafer thin ham, a bit of red pepper to go in the middle, then roll and eat. Yum. or you can use pickled red peppers, which are soft and sweet, fill the middle with tuna mayo or soft cheese mixed with herbs, roll and eat. double yum….

low-carb diabetic friendly no sugar no wheat flour cardamom cake with a chocolate cream cheese topping, and lil flakes of grated diabetic chocolate

the full cake - nomnomnomnomnomnomnom...