I think i should get a gold star for doing goooood.. cos i did good! Just back from seeing Cathy (my Diabetic Nurse – *waves in case she’s reading this*) down at the surgery. It was a good appointment – I got stabbed (pnumonia jab), weighed (i haz officially lost 9 lbs since 28th Oct last year – and that’s on calibrated scales, although with clothes on), my feet checked (nerves and responses checked – all okay, no signs of neuropathy, which is excellent, and probably means my kidneys are okay as the two problems tend to go together), although they are a little on the dry side, so i have some cream to try with that, and instructions to look after my feet. My waist was measured, my height, my blood pressure (down, its now *exactly* where it should be) and Cathy was really really pleased with my FBGs/meal BG readings. We had some discussion over the high fat content of my diet, i pointed out that i’m losing weight, my BG is under control, my spots have cleared up, i feel great – can we keep doing this till the end of March, the low carb diet, and see what my cholesterol readings are like then? and she was cool with that (and Cathy is such a relief, after all the nightmare stories i’ve heard on diabetic forums about diabetic nurses and doctors… i don’t have to fight her! its great!).

She did confirm my thinking about one thing: if i maintain this level of control over my BG, then there is no harm (and quite a lot to be gained, in terms of mental health and happiness) in once a month, having anything i want, one meal, once a month (I’m already planning my first. 16th February, our anniversary, and pancake day. You think i’m passing up Michiel’s pancakes? not on yer nelly!). So i’m really really pleased with THAT, and it makes things much easier for me when i’m watching something like “Hairy Bikers”, i can think “ooh i’ll have that on my special meal” and of course, by the time the special meal comes around, i’ll probably have forgotten about it. it takes that pressure off, instead of thinking “i can never have that again!”

She’s also put me through for an appointment with an eye specialist. i’ve got to wait for them to write to me, with a pin number and a list of places i can go, but once i’ve had that, i can go and get my eyes checked properly, which is good. as i’ve said before my eyes are the one thing that *really* worry me about all this.

She’s also prescribed me some medication for heartburn. I was paying out for sugar free antacids, and asked if i could have them on prescription (as they’re expensive) and she had a word with a doc, who has prescribed me some other tablets to reduce the amount of acid in my stomach altogether. So i’ve to try those for a month, and see how i get on.

So, i won’t see Cathy again now till the beginning of April – when the daffodils are pushing up, as i said (although she misheard me, thought i said when SHE was pushing up the daffodils… errr.. nope!!), so i just have to keep doing this, keep doing the weight loss thing, and get going on the exercise thing and keep my BG under control… its all a lot easier said than done, but i feel .. i dunno. Healthier, i suppose, is the right word, than i have for a long long time.

And that’s good. And I’m good. Yep. Definitely. Gold Star. a biig shiny one!