Its been a while since i talked about cards, and even longer since i talked about non-christmas cards.. i haven’t given up on making them (quite the opposite – i just got done with one today, which is for a cousin of mine who had a baby girl last week), but i have been thinking.

There’s a website – a little like ebay – a marketplace website, which only allows the sale of handmade goods (or crafting materials). In fact, there’s several of them – Etsy being one, but that one works in dollars, which is unpopular with some people. There’s a British equivalent, which works in pounds, called Folksy, and i’m thinking of listing some cards there to see if they sell. There’s a catch: listing costs 20p per item, regardless of whether they sell, and if they do sell, Folksy will take 5% in commission.

What i can’t do is to make a whole lot – because i’m on benefits, i can only work either 16 hours a week or up to a certain amount in ££ before i start to lose money (either that, or earn a lot in order to go full time with this, but with cardmaking, that is just NOT going to happen – i wouldn’t earn enough for the time spent on it) – but if i can make a little bit, then i can put that money back into buying supplies for more crafting, plus it gives me an outlet – i mean, i can only send out so many birthday and xmas cards to family!!

This is also something i can do as and when – if i don’t feel well, or am too busy, then i’m not obliged to make anything. so in that respect, it fits in with my life very well.

The question is.. would they sell?

If you’ve not seen my card work before now, then please, follow the link to my flickr card section, have a look, and let me know what you think – and please, be honest!!!