Yesterday was rather chaotic. I had decided to make a parchment card for Michiel’s Mom – she’d fallen and broken her arm a few days ago – and wanted to get it finished yesterday so i could pop it into the post today. I finally finished it at 1.30am last night – very very tired and rather grumpy, as when i was doing the perforations, the paper shifted, and as a result, when i tried to match up the perforations on the other side of the frame.. they didn’t match up. Arrrgh!!! I ended up sending it anyway because the middle of the frame was okay (the picture of the flowers) and if i was going to redo it i’d have been there at 6 am (i worked on it, with a break for dinner, for 8 and a half hours or so) or later. Not an option.

Parchment get well soon card - this was made from 2 seperate designs from "Parchment Craft" by Martha Ospina.

So i just have to hope she forgives me for sending a less than perfect card – but she knows i do crafting, and am still learning, so she probably will (she’s a lovely lady, she and i get on well, in fact, i get on well with both Michiel’s parents). Parchment craft is a huge thing over in the Netherlands, apparently, so it really wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that she’s done it – or one of Michiel’s family has – and if they have, then i’ll definitely be tugging their sleeve for pointers!!

I used felt tip pens together with water to make the flowers and build up the various strokes. They're also embossed, as are the gold curliques on the frame around the flowers.

Still, i am pleased with the flowers – I still can’t draw for toffee but the beauty of parchment craft is that i can trace a line drawing like this, then colour it in my own way – and as i get more experience with shading, both with pens/pencils and with embossing, that’ll only help in terms of being able to draw designs of my own one day. I like the outer design of this card too – the curliques around the frame, perforations in the middle, and i’m sure i’ll repeat this in future with variations – different types of perforations, different colourings, different pictures inside the curlique frame, and different sizes of frame too – this was an A5 size card, once folded, and it would be good to do smaller designs as well.

Next project: I’m not sure. I would like another bookmark, i really like the one i made the other day, I’ve been using it the last few days with the books i’ve been reading. However, i do usually have more than one book on the go at any one time (which drives Michiel nuts – he can’t understand how i can do that), so i do really need another one. or two. And they’re good for gifts, too. I’m running out of parchment too – i have two large sheets left – so this kind of precludes any large projects. Although its the first birthday of another of Michiel’s nephews at the end of February, so i’ll have to do a card for that before very long. I’ll have to give it some thought i think, although there are some other things that are demanding my time as well – the kitchen needs a going over, I’ve bought a bookshelf to put in the kitchen for jars and things to go onto, and its still in its box – and there’s a load of laundry to deal with too!

for now, though, chinese stirfry tonight (made with quorn pieces – and lots of veggies, its a super healthy dish and one we both love, and i try to cook it at least once a week), the finale of “popstar to operastar” (which Michiel has been thoroughly enjoying) and i have a huge pile of books to work on from the library, including one i’m going to report on here, once i finish with it, “The diet delusion” by Gary Taubes which is very very interesting…