Although i’m quite sure the big bad wolf didn’t have pupils quite like *this*!!

"my, what big eyes you have, grandma!!!" its hard to see, but if you look closely, you can see that the iris is very narrow and the pupil very very large...

I’ve been for my retinopathy scan this afternoon, and the optician has to take a photograph of the back of the eye. In order to do this, the optician has to put some eye drops in both eyes which make my pupils enlarged – with the result above (although this photograph was taken 2 hours after the eye drops went in). It also has the effect of making my vision somewhat blurry, and i’m oversensitive to light – okay today, which was overcast, but on a bright sunny day, it can be somewhat painful! I did ask if the optician could email me a copy of my photographs but sadly she couldn’t, their system isn’t set up to handle this.

The good news is that there seems to be no signs of retinopathy or any other problems. She did say i have a freckle on the back of my right eye, but that’s nothing to worry about. They’re exactly like normal freckles, just.. on the back of the eye rather than on the face! Otherwise, very healthy, which is a huge weight off my mind. However, the photographs have to go to an independent assessor who looks at them, makes a decision as to whether they’re okay or not, and if their diagnosis agrees with the opticians, then no problem, i get a letter saying “all clear and see you in 12 months”. If the assessor disagrees with the optician’s diagnosis, then the scans go to a third person, a specialist, who, depending on the photographs and what they decide, may either ask me to go to the hospital to see a specialist, or to return to the options for another scan in 6 months or they’ll agree there’s nothing to worry about and i have the all clear and they’ll see me in 12 months. So i’m not 100% clear yet, i have to wait for the letter that should arrive in a couple of weeks, but i’m most of the way there.

I also asked the optician about a sort of ring that i sometimes see, on the eye, that slowly gets larger, flickering all the while, till it disappears over the course of an hour (a little like this). She said its probably an occular migrane (or retainal migrane)  – apparently its possible to have a migrane without the associated pain – Its not something i have to worry about, unless the frequency of it picks up (currently about once a fortnight, if not less), just something to keep an eye on (pun intended) for the time being.

So that’s all a huge weight off my mind…

Speaking of weight – its monday, and of course, this morning was my weekly weigh in. Another 2 pounds gone, I’m now 15 and a half stone, or 217 pounds, exactly 2 stone lighter than my documented heaviest back in April ’08 (although i think i may have been as heavy as 18 and a half stone at one point, i don’t have that documented…. although the nurse might. I’ll have to ask her). I also started my period this afternoon, so tomorrow is weigh in day for the menstrual weigh-in – last time i was 221 pounds (and yes, one day does make a LOT of difference at this time of month – its mostly to do with water retention caused by hormonal fluctuations, which is why i do the menstrual weigh-in on the second day of my cycle, as this weigh in eliminates any possibility of weight loss being down to hormonal fluctuations). I’ll let you all know how that one goes… (I’m hoping for 216 or even 215. 215 would be wonderful…)

Finally – I haven’t done any more parchment work over the weekend. I’ve had my nose solidly in a book, “The diet delusion” by Gary Taubes. I knew the low-carb diet was working for me – thanks to this book, I now understand *why* it works for me, the science behind it. I’m about half way through it – its fairly heavy going, but well worth it – and one i’d recommend to just about anyone who’s serious in using their diet to address health problems or even potential health problems – he points the finger squarely at carbohydrates & insulin rather than fats for problems like alzheimers, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Well worth a read – I’ll do a fuller review of it once i’ve finished wading through.