Three months has come and gone since i first started bringing my diabetes under control (January of this year). in that time, my weight loss has slowed – plateaued – and i’ve become very frustrated with it. I’m now at 212 pounds, or 15 stone 2 pounds, after weeks being stuck at 15 stone 4 pounds. And, perhaps more importantly from the point of view of my health, i’ve had the results today of various tests taken on 7th April.

First the all important Hb1Ac. This is a kind of overview, a kind of average of how i’ve done over the previous three months. it actually measures the amount of sugar “stuck” to a red blood cell, and since the average life of a red blood cell is 3 months.. you get the idea. My last Hb1Ac result, when i was diagnosed in November last year, was 7.2%. A good reading should be under 6.5%, or more than 4.1%.

My reading from 7th April was 5.5%, which is absolutely perfect. Cathy, my DSN, was over the moon about it, really really pleased that i’d gotten my diabetes under control so effectively, so we’re both really pleased about that.

My cholesterol results, which i was more worried about, since i have had no idea how i was doing  (I can test my blood sugar, i can’t test my cholesterol, not without getting it sent off anyway), and it was serious enough last time, that if i had not told Cathy already that we want children, I’d have been put on statins (statins are not a good thing to take if you want children).

to cut a long story short – my total cholesterol has fallen from 5 to 4.5, which is good, heading in the right direction (although it needs to fall some more yet). My HDL (the good stuff) has risen, and my trigs (the really bad stuff) has dropped, a lot, which is tremendous news, and a sign i’m on the right path. what hasn’t moved in the right direction is my LDL, and this, i need to work on, but its the only small bit of bad news in the results otherwise, so i’m really really pleased with it.

I also had both my liver and kidney functions tested and both have come back clear, which is also really fantastic news.

I had an intensive talk with Cathy about my weight loss. She pointed out that i was being rather unreasonable (although she said it was understandable, given that so called diet gurus tell you to lose 1-2 lbs a week), that they actually only want you to lose 5% of your weight in 3 months, because if you lose more than that, you run the risk of putting it back on, and falling into yo-yo dieting patterns. If it doesn’t sound too wierd i actually  have to STOP dieting. LOL.  She weighed me and said that i had a) lost 5% of my body weight since January, more than 5% actually, b) that i was only 3 pounds off losing 10% of my body weight since November (and remember, i didn’t do anything about healthy eating over xmas), and i’ve still got a few weeks left before its May and 6 months, and that c) according to her figures, i’ve lost almost 2 stone since January.  So we discussed a way forward – i said i was getting very disillusioned by the plateau, and falling victim to the “oh well i might as well, since i’ve not lost any”, and reach for something that i know is bad for me.. the old “a little bit won’t hurt” and deluding myself as to what a little bit is – and of course, that is how i got myself into this pickle to begin with (the weight, not the diabetes)!!!

So.. i have to keep on keeping on.. keep on with the meds, keep on with the finger stabbing, the food diary recording.. i suppose i knew this, this isn’t a diet, this is my new life, but i suppose i felt, i hoped, with the early days and the weight was just dropping off me, i felt i’d really hit the key – cutting out carbs – and i’m realising now that its not that simple.

oh well. Life rarely is, i suppose.

Back to the grindstone….