There’s a camera on my phone, and since i am about to start walking (not literally about to start, i mean to undergo a programme of walks locally, building up), i wondered if i could just take the phone with me and leave my camera at home. So i took two test shots, and after an afternoon of swearing at the computer and my phone, i finally managed to get the photos off the phone and onto flickr.. and the photos aren’t all that brilliant, and if i can’t get the photos from the phone to improve, then i’ll be taking the Fuji camera with me too. Granted, i took a quick shot with the phone on the camera, and didn’t play with any of the settings, so i shall persevere, but these are the initial results – the only changes i have made to the original photos are to resize them all to 400×300.

behind the cut as usual… thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, and for the camera savvy, its a Samsung B3410 (2MP) vs a Fuji Finepix F40fd (8MP i think).

thoughts would be welcomed…

front page of my diabetes journal - this was taken with the Fujifilm F40fd camera.

close up of my diabetes journal taken with the Samsung B3410 phonecamera

shot of the garden taken with Fujifilm Finepix F40fd

shot of the garden taken with my samsung B3410 phonecamera