As those who follow my twitter/facebook will know, i went out for a walk today with Jess. Well, i take her for a walk most days, but this time i set out for a Walk… decided to walk up to the canal (where i’ve gone before), walk along the canal, and then loop back towards home (can’t get more specific than that without giving away where we live!). Sez – you’ll be glad to know i left my phone in my pocket (blaring music into my ears), and took my Fuji camera with me.. and yes, i used it! The total walk was 1.7 miles, or so, not a huge walk, but quite long enough for someone like me who isn’t used to it…. Jess is now very tired, and tucked up on the sofa with her nose up her bum, just the way she likes it. and me? well, i’m tired too, but unlike madam, i’ve still got to go to the supermarket…

[The walking thing, btw, is part of what i’ve got to do to address the diabetes. Well, not so much walking specifically but exercise. I just chose to walk in order to meet those obligations. I’ll be doing a lot more of it in future.]

Anyway. Photos. As per usual, most of them are behind the cut…. but here’s one to share with the front page…

Freestanding back wall of an abandoned factory that sits along the canal path.

these pretty little purple flowers grow all along this path at this time of year... always in the shade, they don't seem to like direct sunshine. I love their brightness in the gloom.

The path we walk Jess on regularly is actually the in-filled Stockport branch of the Ashton Canal. Its a popular walking/cycling route for many. This is the point at which the path meets the Ashton canal - and you can see the "stump" here, along with the bridge to cross to the otherside of the canal footpath.

abandoned, forlorn benches to the right of the stump of the Stockport Branch of the Ashton Canal

there were loads of ducks and geese on the canal - which was lovely to see, although they had jess straining on the leash!

canada goose in semi-silhouette

looking towards Ashton-under-Lyne

standing on the bridge over the stump - here you can see the stump and the path leading down where the canal used to run.... on the way here i was stopped by one couple who warned me that there was a fox living in the area, which is a lovely thing, i think!

it amazes me how nature can live next to the saveragery of man. but then, i suppose the geese don't see the grafitti.

lock gates - and the lock was full of water!

the bright yellow colour of these metal structures drew my attention...

i'd just taken the previous photo and turned around to face the canal again when i noticed a canada goose had swum very close to the bank by us and was glaring at us, with jess pulling hard on the leash, wanting to go investigate. reports of birds defending their territory flashed through my mind and i pulled jess back and walked away a few yards. When i looked around again, the goose had swum off, obviously happy he'd seen the intruders off, and on the bank opposite, i could see another goose lying down, in the grass, invisible to the casual glance. I think she was sitting on a clutch of eggs, which explains the aggressivness of the other goose.

metal poles in the same storage place as the yellow metal structures

further along the canal is an abandoned, half ruined factory or something. most of it has been ripped down, with various piles of rubble. There's still a little bit standing, i don't know if those sheds are in use or not. but this is part of the ruined part...

more rubble. I would've loved to have gotten into this area and had a good explore, but i could see some youths in the area and decided it wasn't a good idea.

brickwork and rain spattered ivy...

more rubble. I love the snail sitting ontop of one of the bricks.

yet more rubble, concrete blocks...

you can see the full extent of the devastation here

rusty metal beam

there's a large piece of rusty metal equipment left in there. I'd love to get in there and find out what it is.

the gatehouse to the factory still has this sign on the wall

at this point we've rejoined the Stockport branch. The bridge in the background allows a main road to cross the canalpath. One tired puppy in the foreground... 🙂

I don't know what this is, (mom will know, cos she took a cutting from it a few years ago. MOMMMMMM?!) but its so pretty when its all rain splattered like this.

Jess in the background was an accident - i reshot this afterwards, without jess, but on reflection, think its better with her in it...

rain splattered dandelion clock

This tree blooms at the same time every year, near home, releasing the same incredible scent. its gorgeous.