I just got my new skirt finished – and of course, i had to have photos taken and to share them here!!

me in my new skirt

Its a basic A Line skirt, with triangular panels set into the bottom of the skirt, both front and back. I have two identical skirts in a red and a brown patterned material, which i love, which i bought  last summer, but wanted some more in bluey shades.. hence this one. i’m planning to make another in a blue patterned material, (which i may do slightly differently, just to ring the changes) but first up.. this one!

Next: some more shirred tops, possibly a shirred dress. see what i feel like, really…. more photos behind the cut!

line drawing of the skirt above, as the busy pattern makes it hard to see the seams. No laughing at my drawing "skillz" please! The top drawing is the front, the bottom drawing is the back. I amended an existing pattern to make this. I'm surprised by how well its turned out. Pleasantly so.

the waistband at the top. This long waistband, that sits low over the hips, is a) very fashionable at the moment, and b) makes it possible for larger ladies like myself to wear pleats and gathers without looking like the side of a house.

here you can see one of the panels at the bottom of the skirt, along with some pretty machine embroidery along the hem. (which was *very* frustrating - the machine kept sucking the fabric into it. argggh.)

What i am most proud of with this is the details. its these that show the skirt is handmade. Here you can see the zip and the hook and loop that keep it together. Not perfect, its slightly out of sync, but the care and attention i paid shows, i think, vs something storebought.

this is the first skirt i made myself that is fully lined. I'm actually impressed with myself, how well it came out. and it looks wonderful, turned inside out. just as good as the side that's meant to be seen!

those details i mentioned before? things like fastening the lining to the zip, so it doesn't catch. it just looks.. finished.

the whole skirt laid out on the bed.