Last night, of course, was the long awaited England vs USA World Cup opener. (You’d have to have been hibernating NOT to know about this, i think, even if you don’t watch any of the matches!). With not just one but two countries to support (The Netherlands needs supporting too – and god ‘elp me if it comes to England vs The Netherlands… !) of course we claimed our positions on the sofa last night when kick off came, and groaned and cheered through every agonising moment (well, Michiel did. I was half watching, being busy hand sewing a lace hem to a shirred top i’d made earlier that day – photos later, when i get it finished!).

The lessons learned? not so much the football as what goes *with* the football. I’d not had one of my monthly meal off the regime treats yet, so decided to lay claim to a bag of butter toffee popcorn that was calling out to me in the supermarket, crisps and those little mini scotch eggs that i love, and pizza, and make a night of it. So i pigged out. by the time the final whistle had blown, the popcorn had gone, the scotch eggs had gone, the crisps were half gone, and the pizza (only a 1/4 though) was soon to follow.

i measured my blood sugar shortly after the final whistle, just out of curiosity. 11.2 mmol!!! (normal range – that the body tries to keep the blood sugar to – is anything between 4 and 6 mmol, to give you some idea of how bad that is.) although its not THAT bad – from reading diabetic forums, there are some people who have 11.2 mmol blood sugar readings on a regular basis, which just makes me wince (I’ve read of some who go as high as 18. yowch).

Bu t that’s not really the lesson. The important part, and what i want to note down, is how we felt for the rest of the night. We both felt RAGINGLY thirsty. about 1am, Michiel wandered into the kitchen, doing the fridge explore, and grabbed a small box of cherry tomatoes. Popped one into his mouth, felt that wonderful cherry tomato explosion in his mouth and gave a groan worthy of me when i first had that haagen daaz icecream. He came back into the living room and handed one to me, telling me to eat it. I let out a matching groan. Funny how the body, now we’re not used to eating rubbish, craves the things that we know are good for us. There’s a packet of crisps in the kitchen now (which i bought for the Netherlands match, tomorrow), along with freshly baked bread. The thought of the crisps in particular makes my tummy churn. And i slept till 1pm this afternoon.

yes, i know. moderation is everything. but sometimes, just sometimes, you have to backslide spectacularly in order to know just how far you’ve come, you know?

lesson learned.