yes… another one! (i really like these, so get used to them – i plan to make a few more yet!) When i first visited the haberdashery a few weeks ago to pick up some material i saw this pretty blue broderie anglais material. It wasn’t cheap (the material for the top cost £6) but it was so pretty.. i had to have it. And i finally ran it up yesterday. Went up like a dream – i finished making the bulk of it, and the shirring, yesterday. I also bought some matching blue gathered broderie anglais trim, and i hand sewed this to the hem while i was watching the World Cup England vs USA match yesterday, and the Formula One this afternoon. Its still not quite finished – i want to use some more broderie anglais trim to make straps, but i didn’t quite have enough – i’ll have to go back to the haberdashery next week to pick some up.

this is the prettiest of the shirred tops i've made so far, i think. They just keep getting better!

but for now, here’s the photos. I’m really pleased with how this came out. Next up: remember this dress that i sweated, slaved, cried and swore over? This is how it looks now. Dreadful, and this is over jeans and a vest! I can’t wear it on its own any more, so i’ve decided to rescue the bulk of the material and rework the dress – i’ve started seam ripping already…!

More photos behind the cut – enjoy, as it’ll be a while before the dress is ready…!

the top laid flat on the bed.

close up of the broderie englais gathered hem. I'm very proud of the stitching i did to attach this - almost invisible, even on the inside.

the inside of the top. the side seams are done with a french seam technique, so you have to look really hard to see that it is the inside of the top at all. i'm really liking this way of working - working on the dress now, taking all the old seams out, that i'd finished with simple zigzagging, which looks awful, really brings it home to me, about the importance of finishing like that.

close up of the french seam and the hem from the inside. See what i mean about neat? almost invisible stitching? the stitching you can see has to be there, and would've been there even without the broderie anglais gathered hem...