well.. the agony of day one is over with. It wasn’t as bad as i had feared, nowhere near as bad. Although it really really helped having a notetaker with me.. and not just because lipreading for 4+ hours was bloody hard work! I am shattered now. The notetaker was fab – i was able to read over her shoulder for some of it, which gave me a break from the pressure of lipreading. I should get a copy of my notes tonight sometime, i think – which would be great…. 🙂

Timetable is sorted. It seems i’m at college all day on monday, on tuesday morning and on thursday morning. Thankfully, I’ve been told i don’t have to do the English, Maths or IT elements to the Access course, because i have GCSE grade Cs, so that’s less work to do. How this affects the final grade, i don’t know – i know its a modular course and X number of points are required to pass.

I’ve been given a list of books, recommended reading, with one compulsory book. I tried to borrow the compulsory book from the library at the college, but no dice – i’m not officially a student yet as i don’t have my student card yet. Rats. so i came home and ordered it from Amazon instead. Thankfully, second hand. Picked up one book for 1p!! The other two (including the compulsory book) were £7. not too bad.

So, tomorrow morning is Archaeology, with a different tutor, and then Thursday morning is Middle Eastern Archaeology. Should be fun..! Today was a lecture, an informal one, on how the ancient world is still relevant today to us. Quite interesting, actually, and the tutor welcomed questions, which was good.

[speaking of which, the notetaker just emailed me the notes. Fantastic! all in microsoft word, so i can do whatever i like with them, which is really brilliant!]

I’ll post how its going.. probably another one tomorrow night after the first Archaeology lesson, and then another after the middle eastern archaeology unit. Tomorrow is another early start – 6.30am. I just hope i get better sleep tonight than i did last night – I woke up at about 2.30am, convinced it was nearly 6.30, waited for Michiel to come in and officially wake me, dozing on and off, then got fed up and turned the light on to see it was actually 2.30am. After that, slept intermittently, and finally gave up and got up at 6.18am. I’ve also got the start of a cold/cough developing – i’m just hoping, if i go to bed early tonight, that i can avoid it developing into something more…

anyway. i’m off to read my notes!