The college work is hitting hard. I went through a phase of panicking because i had a pile of books about a foot high to read, and no time (or so it felt) to actually sit down and read them… at least until i realised where i was going wrong.

the whole thing prompted a bit of a melt down on friday, and a bit of a lesson learned for both Michiel and myself. I still don’t handle stress very well, and we’ve realised now that i needed a bit more help than i was asking for (and getting) and i’m now getting that help that i need. Not so much with college work, as in not trying to be superwoman!!

So, bearing in mind that i lost friday and i lost thursday afternoon (because i was so tired, not getting enough sleep due to worrying that i just crashed on thursday) i knew that yesterday and today i would have to do some major work to stand any chance of being where i’m supposed to be.

Part of the reason i was going wrong was in not sticking to the syllabus as laid out by the teachers. There’s this feeling that i have to read ALL of the books NOW – and of course, that’s ridiculous. Yes, there’re set texts that i probably do eventually have to read all of, in order to get a handle on – say – ancient greece – but if another book (not a set text, but a recommended book) also contains information on the Aztecs of south america (unlikely!) then it doesn’t necessarily follow that i need to read – and make notes on – the entire book.

So that was mistake number one.

mistake number two involved not really being able to get a handle on one of my three classes, if only because there isn’t really a set text for it, and the booklet that we’ve been given doesn’t lay things out for you nice and easy. you gotta work for it. This is where the syllabus comes in useful – what i’ve realised is that i have to use the structure of the syllabus as laid out by the teacher, to get what information i can from the various different sources i have available to me, and to merge all of that into a final set of notes, which i will then use, along with maybe some further research, to do my final assignment.

So that’s what i’ve spent yesterday and today doing for two of my classes (the ancient history and the archaeology ones – i’ll do the same for Near Eastern Archaeology on my next day off, on Wednesday. I’m actually feeling a lot better about the whole thing – I’ve started the final module notes for the ancient history one, and am about 70% of the way done on that one, the archaeology one i haven’t started the final set of notes but the class notes on that are much more comprehensive, so making final notes from my class notes should be somewhat easier.

I still have a lot to do but i feel much more positive about the whole thing, like i have a much better handle on what i’m supposed to be doing.. just have to keep ontop of the bits i am supposed to be reading and watch for those feelings of being overwhelmed again..

On the plus side, i got my college ID blurb thing on friday morning, which means that tomorrow i can get my formal student ID and then i can (finally!) borrow the books i need from the college library… i just hope the others in my class haven’t nabbed all the ones i wanted!!!