November 2010

no, not I *am* cold, although it is that too – bloomin’ freezing. at least it’s not wet (not here, anyway) and windy with it though, which is one blessing. I hate it when its like that – strong, cold winds, that drive freezing cold needles into exposed flesh, and rip windchill through your clothes.. urgh. That’s the worst for me.

No snow here, either. Yet. Just lots of evidence that Jack Frost has been dancing all over the place, making pretty patterns. Keeping a close eye on the weather forecast: at the moment, if we get any snow, it’ll be on saturday night. we’ll see.

But yes, I have a cold. miserable, manflu cold. In a bit I’m going to lie on the sofa, moan weakly, and whimper about “I want to dieeee”, and ask Michiel to wait on me hand and foot.

<wind whips past, rolling dried grasses round in a ball, like in the movies>

Yeah, i know, so NOT going to happen. Not that he wouldn’t look after me if I was seriously ill (he has in the past, he undoubtedly will again), but for a cold? nah. suck it up, keth.. its just a cold.

In terms of studying, things are going well. very well, actually. *wrinkles nose* … almost too well. I keep waiting to find my nose pressed to the floor cos I’ve fallen flat on my face. (Cynical, much?) mind you, I haven’t had my first essays back from college yet. hmmm. That might be the pratfall I’m expecting/dreading… I’ll hopefully get them back next week.


Sergeant Matthew Telford of the Grenadier Guards was killed in Afghanistan in November 2009. He’d been promoted to Sergeant just a few months earlier, in June ’09. Because of some obscure rule that says a serving soldier has to have been in rank for a year before his wife/children accrue pension benefits appropriate to his status, Sergeant Telford’s wife and children only get the pension equivalent to that of a Corporal.

Regardless of what you think of the war in Afghanistan, whether you think its right or wrong, whether you think that serving soldiers deserve all they get because they’re soldiers, surely most people must see that it is unfair to further punish a bereaved wife and children with such petty rules…. if you disagree with this disgrace, then please sign the petition here: Thank you.

[thanks to Inspector Gadget of the ‘Police Inspector Blog‘ for alerting me to this issue.]