December 2010

ppppst. I got distinctions on my “sources of ancient history” essay. THREE.. count ’em.. three of them!

*does the happy joy joy dance* ….

I don’t yet know if I’m going to be directly affected by all this. but regardless: I look at the pictures coming out of London last night; the disgraceful attack on the Prince of Wales & Duchess of Cornwall, and I wonder: when did education stop being a privilege, and become a so-called right?

I especially look at the last photograph: a shot of the rear of a statue of Winston Churchill, who has done more for this country than any of the thugs “protesting” last night, and the slogan graffiti’d on the base. “Education for the Masses”, it says. “no”, thinks I, “if you were truly educated, then you’d not stoop to that level”.

Protesting is one thing. Having your voice heard is one thing. Last night was pure mindless thuggery, nothing more, nothing less.

I’m ashamed to be a student today.

yeah. still. unbelieveable. this sucks.. mightily. it is slowly getting better though. very slowly.

I had my first essay back last week. We get given three grades for it, although I can’t remember precisely what for (she didn’t give us the paperwork back as they have to go to the course tutor to be double checked). Apparently I got 2 merits and a distinction, which is okay for a first essay. (two other people got three distinctions, Rachel (teacher) said that I should’ve included more about the early antiquarians, which – in my not so ‘umble opnion – is just plain wrong. She didn’t specify that we had to cover a range (timewise) when she set the essay, nor is it implicit in the title (she just said “describe some” (my emphasis)). but arguing that, I know, gets you nowhere so i just put up and shut up.)

Assignment three (also archaeology) was handed in yesterday. Two reports: one on an object from the museum trip we went on a month ago, and one on an archaeological specialist. We’ll see what results I get from that (i have a feeling its going to either be a row of distinctions or a row of passes. all or nothing, that one).

Assignment four (also archaeology) was an exam. With one week’s notice that it was coming. Cue lots of scrambling to learn all the methods of dating in archaeology (and if you mutter carbon 14 dating i’m going to throw something at you!). unfortunately I’d only really started to pull together assignment three (the reports) when told us about the exam, so the last week has been… painful. Preparing two reports and revising for an exam in the same week (and not on related subjects) … yeah. painful. it hit today just how tired i got doing this.

Assignment two, which was handed back to the teacher ages ago, we haven’t had back yet. I don’t seriously expect it back till the new year, as Kevin (the teacher) is bogged down with doing references for our university applications. Assignment five (the civilisation essay) is due in next week, right before we break up for christmas. I am going to be so glad to see the christmas break in…

Over the Christmas period though (2 weeks “off”) I still have some work to do. not so much for archaeology – part of the reason for setting the exam was to avoid setting any homework over the xmas period – but for Greece, more than anything. The Archaic Greece module is just about done, and I expect the essay to be “set” on Monday, to be handed in a couple weeks after we get back to college in the new year, and we’ll probably get tasked with reading the pack for the next module, Classical Greece, over the xmas break as well. On the Egypt/Mesopotamian side, we should finish the Old Kingdom tomorrow/next thursday, and then after xmas we’ll cover the corresponding time period for Mesopotamia, and then the assessment will be set for that as well.

I also have to work on my independent research project over the christmas break. Kevin approved all my ideas so I have to look at each one, do some basic research to evaluate how much basic information is out there, and then come to a firm decision about which one I’m doing: I want to be in a position where I’ve got a goodly amount of this research done, at least, by the middle/end of January so that if I get called to interview at Uni then I have something to show them (as well as the essays I’ve done).

Mostly, though, I just want to rest. I’m tired. so very.. very tired.

In terms of Christmas, my parents are visiting on 27th, as per usual. we’re trying to get the oven fixed – hopefully next week – and once the civilisation essay has been handed in I need to get going on christmas preparation, housework, shopping, cards, etc. not making my own cards this year (apart from a few special ones) so that’s one bit of pressure off. I just don’t have time for that, sadly.

but hopefully, the weather will get warmer tomorrow, my cold will get better, and those two things alone will go a long way towards helping matters improve. that, and a good night’s rest, I think. (although i got 10 hours last night, its not really the kind of rest I need. I need a break, more than anything. ah well.)

But still: distinction and two merits, not to be sneezed at. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll post more results as and when I get them…. ๐Ÿ™‚