ahh.. i do love village life.. we went to the village quiz with Mum this evening. Best evening’s entertainment I’ve had in a long time. Yes, some people might think that a sad thing, but in all honesty, i don’t. It was fun, I got to spend time with Michiel and Mum and a new friend, and we walked home through the bracing cold with smiles on our faces. It was the perfect pick-me-up end to the two weeks we’ve spent here, two weeks of a real range of emotions, but I felt happy tonight. And while there will still be, inevitably, moments of grief about Dad, tears in the eyes sort of thing, and moments of worry about Mum, the future feels brighter. She has good friends looking out for her, she’s going to be kept busy over the next few months, and while nothing will ever replace Dad, she’s not going to stop living. And that i think is the best thing to hope for. A character in a book once said it very well. Just because you can no longer feast at a banquet, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a different kind of meal at a different table.

I’ve also heard from another university. Another conditional offer… two down, three to go. Fingers crossed for the rest!!!

Tomorrow: we go home. Home to some really hard work – i’ve been neglecting my studies the last two weeks. and while understandable.. it can’t continue. So.. time to knuckle back down!