got the results back from the assignment from the second module of the Archaeology side, the one where I had to write about an archaeological object and describe an archaeological specialist.

Triple Distinctions. Each distinction is for a particular quality of the assignment – on the briefing sheet, we’re told what qualities the assignment is being graded for. In detail:

Use of Information: Distinction. Good explanations of the form and function of objects, and the work of the archaeological specialist in question.

Use of knowledge: Distinction. Excellent awareness of techniques and specialist roles, and how they fit together.

Quality: Distinction. An individual response to the question, with exemplary attention to detail and a great written style.

Or as Dad said about the last assignment I got three distinctions for: “I’m very pleased i have such a smartarse cleverclogs for a daughter”. so that’s what i’ll be from now on. a smartarse cleverclogs daughter. 🙂

I also found out the conditions for the two universities that have given me conditional offers. One just wants me to pass this course. the other wants me to pass this course, get 45 credits at level 3 (which is equivalent to A Level. the vast majority of the modules on this course are level 3 anyway, so if i pass (60 credits) then I’ll have achieved this part regardless), and of those 45, 30 of them need to be at distinction. Ah. a bit harder.

Never mind. 7 down. 23 to go…