I’ve been taking antibiotics for the last few days, antibiotics that have the unfortunate side effect of interfering with my liver’s uptake of Metformin. This is the medication that smooths out my blood sugar and helps to overcome the problems caused by my diabetes. What’s becoming clear over the last few days is just how much the metformin does – in the last six months or so (since I started college, really), I’ve been taking my body for granted again, taking the meds, and, although I was tracking my blood sugar, it didn’t seem to be rising and falling, regardless of what I ate, and I started to think … “hmmm. maybe I’m not diabetic after all”.

The last few days have truly put paid to that idea. I’ve been much more sensitive to my blood sugar, more than I ever was before I started metformin, and its really been a lesson for me. In a way, its a shame that I was started on metformin as soon as I was diagnosed: I wonder if I had had time with the blood sugar monitor, tracking my body’s true responsiveness to the food I eat, rather than the responsiveness dulled by the metformin, whether the lessons would have been learned better. As it is, I can’t stop taking the metformin just to learn those lessons – the drug stays in your body, much like anti-depressants, the person taking them needs to be weaned off them.

Tomorrow I’m off to my Mum’s: we’re heading to the interview I have at the last university to decide on the Tuesday and Wednesday (staying there overnight). I’m nervous about it as I have tests and its a big deal, but we’ll see what’s what. I may decide I don’t like it and I feel more comfortable at Leicester. We’ll see. Either way, tomorrow is a big day for another reason: 41 years ago, Mum and Dad got married. Its going to be a tough day for Mum, so I’m glad I’m spending the day with her. Times like this.. family is king. And I still miss my Dad. So much.