no, you haven’t come to the wrong blog. its okay. its still “Urbania to Stoneheads”, Keth’s page. I just figured it was time I got off my backside and did a new header. Its good, isn’t it? There’s some stuff on the sidebar explaining it all. Been meaning to do it for absolutely ages (specifically the historical one above), but I finally cleared a couple hours tonight and did it. A fun little exercise – a little downtime from the frustrations of studying! I’ve also updated the “Why stoneheads?” page a bit – put a new pic up of Michiel and myself. Will try to post a better facial pic of me at some point too – but they’re on the other puter.

and since its now 2.30am and I need to go to Manchester Uni library tomorrow to do some research.. that’s all you’re getting for now! Will do a proper update in a few days though – heading down to Mum’s for Easter on Wednesday. The break will do us both good – but in the meantime, I’m trying to get as much work done as possible – with two exams scheduled for 16th and 19th May, and an essay due in on 17th May, as well as my independent research project to do… I can’t hang around!