well… the news is in. and I guess I know now where I’m heading to in September: Leicester University. I had applied to Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge, which is a mature women’s only college, and one I was very impressed with. I will admit to being a tad disappointed that they didn’t make me an offer, but I’m not entirely surprised: I didn’t acquit myself terribly well in the exam, I think, although I did my best at the time I panicked a little and made some poor choices, and I burst into tears in one of the interviews: never a good thing, I know, but I was talking about the effect of Dad’s death and it just grabbed me, unexpectedly. I was absolutely mortified, but they were very kind. The college itself has a very supportive atmosphere and if I can, I would love to go there as a postgrad, to do my Masters, but we’ll see. That’s a fair way off, and I still have to get at least a 2:1 for that!

In some ways I’m relieved, though. I was concerned about keeping up with all the work and the other students: I do feel I can relax more at Leicester. Still, I feel fairly confident that I can finish this course and get the required distinctions, so come October, we should be in a new home and I’ll be starting at a new uni. its all exciting and nervewracking and there’s so much to sort out. I just hope I can do it all.

We’re currently in Ludlow for Easter, visiting with Mum. She’s in the middle of having the house redecorated so its not as quiet as we would normally expect, but the weather is sooo delightful, its quiet in the garden, except for the noisy sheep in the field next door! still, it makes a change from listening to loud music and the thump of a football we usually get. I went bike riding yesterday on Mum’s bike with Michiel, and we’re investigating the uninvestigated Roman Villa I stumbled across in my research into Wroxeter – no digging, but we are going to look at the site and maybe fieldwalk it, if we can get permission from the Landowner. We went for drinks with one of Mum’s friends last night, who is just as interested in the Roman villa as we are, and she introduced me to Pimms and Lemonade. YUM!

View (and the noisy sheep) over the back of the Hedge at the end of Mum's garden....

Tomorrow we’re heading to my Grandmother’s house to help pack stuff up and clear it out – it and the contents are being sold, as she’ll never go back to living on her own. Sunday the same Grandmother is coming here for lunch, and I’ll probably go to church with Mum – its Easter Sunday, and it feels right to do that. Monday we’re driving across to my other Grandmother, and Tuesday, we’re probably going to Acton Scott to have a look round there. Then Wednesday, home again, and back to work – although I’ll be taking Friday morning off to watch history being made… of course!

In terms of college work: I was working on my Independent Research Project before I came down here (having a break this week), which is researching the Disabled in Ancient Greece. Its interesting but I’ve already written too much and am half way through, so when I return I have to whittle it down and clean it up some. I’ve also got to do a presentation to the class on this, so that should be fun too, and a diary for the project, as well as a bunch of other paperwork that has to be submitted as part of the whole course.

Also to do: an essay on the differences between wet and dry preservation in the Mesolithic Period, and revision for two exams: one on the New Kingdom of Egypt (a choice of three questions, either Hatshepsut/Thutmosis III, Akhenaten and the Amarna period or Rameses II) and one on the fall of the Roman Republic (a choice of various figures from that period, including Julius Caesar). We’ve also got a group presentation on the Jugarthine War, me and two others – although the rest of the class is also doing presentations, their subject are different. We’re getting towards the end of the course now, starting AngloSaxon England next in Archaeology, Augustus in Ancient History, and the Bronze Age Collapse in Near Eastern Archaeology. All are fairly short modules and, certainly the last two are examination assessed, although I’m not sure about the AngloSaxon England one. Still a lot to do. But the end is in sight.

There’s a lot to do with other things too. I have to confirm my uni choices with UCAS, get my student finance sorted, and apply for Disabled Students Allowance. I have to find somewhere to live and sort out a whole bunch of other stuff to do with moving, not least, finding a man with a van.

but for now… the sun is shining, and I think I’m going to go enjoy a bike ride with Michiel. I’ve pictures to post – some posted already, and I’m sure I’ll have more at a later date… šŸ™‚

* title of blog .. thanks to Robbie Williams, from “Lazy Days