we is off to Leicester in the summer. *nods furiously* – I got three sets of results back from my teachers this morning and its tipped me over what Leicester Uni wanted in terms of marks, so unless the moderator queries some of the grades… I’m in. And while this takes some of the pressure off, it doesn’t mean I’m letting up on the slack!

With regard to the certificate that is issued from this course (and this is where it gets complicated) – each assignment gets given three grades, for different things, e.g. quality, knowledge, etc. The assessors take the average, so if you get 2 distinctions and a merit then the assignment grade would be a distinction, but if you got 1 distinction and 2 merits, the grade would be a merit. They then take the highest 5 from 7 of each of the 3 different threads that make up the course, so the highest 5 in ancient history, the highest five in archaeology and so on. Although all the module titles are recorded on the certificate, only the marks for the top 15 are actually listed.

For this reason, although my first assignment in archaeology had 1 distinction and 2 merits (thus an overall grade of a merit for that assignment), if I can get another 3 distinctions in archaeology then it puts me on track to get a full sweep.. which is what I really want! (yes, I’m ambitious.)

At this point, I’m working on an essay in archaeology (comparing wet and dry preservation in the Mesolithic period), boning up for an exam on the fall of the Roman Republic, and an exam on the new kingdom, all of which are happening/due in on the week commencing 16th May. I’ve also got a group presentation on 16th May on the Jugarthine Wars. I’ve done the essay for the Independent Research Project, which is a crucial part of the whole thing, and I’ve got to put together a presentation on that too, although that’s not as time critical at this point (which is why I did it over the Easter hols). We’re currently studying Augustus in Ancient History, The AngloSaxons in Archaeology, and The Bronze Age Collapse in Near Eastern Archaeology.  Probably going to have exams for some, if not all, of these as well. So there’s still a ways to go – I’ve only got three assigments each from Ancient History and Near Eastern Archaeology, not including the ones that are coming up, so I can’t rest on my laurels just yet – the work I’ve done so far will be for nothing if i don’t finish the rest of the course.

And quite apart from anything else…. I enjoy doing this. I want to work hard at it, I want to get the good grades. It gives a confidence boost like nothing else – today has made up for the disappointment I felt at not getting into Cambridge (although I’ve a sneaky feeling that I’m going to get told the problem wasn’t the level of academic intelligence, but that they had concerns about how well I would cope with the stress of studying at Cambridge. Which is fair enough, given I burst into tears at the interview. Hell, I’d have doubts at that point.)

but either way… I’m happy. I’ve got good feedback. I’ve got good grades. My work is going well. And I’m in at a good Uni. Now all I have to do is to get the associated stuff done.. like the funding and actual moving stuff.

Now the really hard work begins!