Finished an exam this morning (Collapse of the Roman Republic – I covered the Gracchi Brothers), and received an essay back: Hammurabi, where I (apparently successfully) argued that Hammurabi actually wasn’t all that, that he just had good PR. 3 more distinctions, plus the following: “Good. An excellent piece of work, well written and well constructed. I found it very easy to read and very informative. All the evidence here is a very firm grasp of the course material. Excellent referencing and bibliography. A Fine piece of work. Well done!”

So.. I’m pleased with that. Got that before the exam, too, so it was a nice little lift, cos I was a little worried that Kevin wouldn’t like the way I took the essay. Only one little “oops” comment: at the 1,991 words. It should have been between 1200 and 1500. But he did say he’d accept essays up to 2,000. *sighs*. oh well.

On the plus side, I’ve had feedback from Cambridge. As I suspected, there were doubts about my ability to cope with the pressure of study there. Ah well. I am still seriously impressed by Lucy Cavendish, however, and I asked the admissions tutor if the pressure was slightly less relentless at Master’s level (The relentless pressure is partly caused by Cambridge having very short terms, in comparison to other universities), if the terms were longer. She confirmed that it is less pressured, and that its also less fiercely competitive than at undergraduate level, so she thinks my idea of reapplying for my Masters at Cambridge in 3 years is a good one. So that’s that sorted then. All I have to do (heh, “all”) is get at least a 2:1….. yeah.. all. *brain explodes*

At this point I’ve lots more exams to come. One on Thursday, on the New Kingdom of Egypt – I’ll probably be covering what one of my classmates referred to as “the Hippy Pharoah” (Akhenaten and the Amarna Period). On 26th I’ve got the presentation for my Independent Research Project. I think Kevin really wants to hear this presentation. He keeps asking me “Are you doing your presentation today” every class for the last couple of classes. he’s put it in his diary now so that should help. Got a lot of work to do on that this weekend, not least on the pronounciation of some of the names. Still can’t pronounce Hephaestus right, for example.

After the presentation, we break up for a week and a bit for half term. Already? feels like only last week we had Easter. I’m heading down to Mum’s for a long weekend, coming home on 31st, then knuckling down to tackle more exams. The Age of Augustus. The Bronze Age Collapse. The Early Roman Empire. The Neo Assyrian Empire. And there’s the Anglo-Saxon module from Archaeology, although I have no clue at this point whether that’s going to be Essay or Exam based… I kinda hope its essay based. I prefer essays.

The exam this morning.. gah. We’re allowed to take a plan in with us, and we see the questions ahead of time, so there’s a fair bit of preparation still. I overdid my plan. had to leave some stuff out in order to get the essay finished. The essay still makes sense, which tells me the bit I left out wasn’t really necessary in the first place. still, would have added some extra stuff. I just hope I don’t get penalised for that. But really. there’s only so much you can write in an hour and 15 minutes.

Right: onwards and upwards: the HippyDippy Pharoah and the golden city of Amarna…