Technically… my course has finished. We’ve finished the teaching part of the modules: we’re in the last few weeks now (officially the college year ends at the end of June) where things like last minute paperwork and the last few exams get done, and we all put our portfolios together.

That’s actually a lot easier said than done. I think I’ve explained on the education page about the make up of the course, but in a nutshell, to pass the course, you have to get 60 credits. Those credits are made up via a combination of coursework and exams, and you have to get a very specific combination of them in order to pass. And that’s the part that gives people headaches, trying to get to grips with it and making sure that the portfolios (which contain all our coursework/exams) contains all the various bits of paperwork that we all need.

But… the odd bit of paper apart, I got some results back this morning after sitting the Bronze Age Collapse exam. And those results were the final ones needed. We always do more modules than are actually required to pass the course – it means that if someone falls ill they can miss a module without massively affecting their grades – so despite the fact that I’ve still got some results to come back, I’m now in a position where I have the right number of credits, in the right proportions, to pass the course. And all at Distinction level, as well, which is what I wanted¹.

So, what’s it with the fat lady?

Well, I decided a while ago that even if I got the necessary credits to pass the course, I would not just flake out on the last few modules, but still take exams and put the necessary work in to at least pass the remaining assignments. My reasoning is this: we’ve been told that assignments for any modules that are superfluous to the actual granting of the diploma will still be listed on the back of the certificate, so I have a record that I have studied these subjects, even if the actual grade that I achieved on the subjects is not recorded. So for this reason, I’m continuing the study.. just for one more week (and, I suppose, secretly, deep down in the depths of my soul, part of me is whispering.. “but you enjoy it. that’s the real reason you want to carry on. you’re add-iccttt-eeeeedddd…).

So.. I ain’t singing. not just yet. Just two more exams to go. One on the Early Empire (“Discuss the role and character of one of the Emperors during the period 14-193. Assess the character of the chosen Emperor in relation to the available sources” – I’ll be covering Caligula) and one on the Neo-Assyrian Empire (“The Assyrian Empire was, on balance, a major contributor to the development of civilisation in the Near East. It ill deserves it’s reputation as a destructive force in world history”. To what extent would you agree with this statement?)… and then it really is over.

And I’ll be singing loud and clear!

¹ Although one of my early assignments gave a result of 2 merits and a Distinction, I now have enough other assignments to relegate that one to the pile of modules that won’t have the result recorded. Of all the ones where the grade is recorded, they will all be Distinctions.