two more nights in this flat, and then we move.

I can’t wait to be out of here. The window is broken – again. It was broken a few weeks ago by a couple of bricks being thrown at it. Its been boarded up ever since – although we’ve reported it to the housing association, we’ve asked them not to replace it until after we’ve moved. And despite that, they’re still throwing stones at the window.

Its kind of a shame that our time in this flat has come to an end like this. The cooker left on Friday (as a gas cooker, it had to be disconnected by a qualified technician) and I felt quite emotional about it. we’ve had that cooker for the last 7 years and its done us proud, seen us through countless batches of bread, cakes, roast dinners, christmas dinners… Its silly, its a lump of metal, an inanimate object, but i still had a lump in my throat as it was taken away. The end of an era.

So much has happened in this little flat, both good and bad. And although we’re leaving for good reasons, going somewhere better, to a better life, I’m still angry with the louts that have driven us out of here, that have made our last days here uncomfortable, a torture, rather than excitedly focusing on the move and the new life that awaits us.

Just two more nights.. two more mornings, then we’re gone, shaking the dust of this place off our shoes as we leave. And I sincerely hope we’ll never return.