October 2011

I was going to blog my experiences during Fresher’s week every day wasn’t I? Oh dear. I had good intentions but time just vamoosed out from underneath my feet… here I am, three weeks later, feeling somewhat… shellshocked, I think is perhaps the best way to describe it. Its been one hell of a learning curve and I’m still experiencing it. I am so very very tired all the time and it seems impossible right now that things will EVER settle down and into a routine that will enable me to get some kind of work done, but everyone keeps telling me it does happen, so I guess I  just have to have faith in them and trust that it will.

That apart, I’m thoroughly enjoying the course itself. I’m not sure I’m learning a great deal at this point – or to be more accurate, I’m not sure I’m taking in very much if only because its all a bit overload – but I may look back and see that I took in more than I thought I did at the time. There are a few teething problems with the communication support, but I guess I knew that was going to happen, and I’d rather they happened now and get ironed out than when I truly desperately need them.

In terms of the house: we’re slowly unpacking the remaining stuff. Whats holding us back now is waiting for permission to do things like put up shelving, we have a lot of books and not enough bookcases, so until the shelving goes up, the boxes are stacked in the spare bedroom. We got the all clear today though, so over the next few days that shall be done and the last of the boxes shall be folded up and go into the loft ready for the next move. Otherwise things are settling down, we’re slowly making it a home and settling in and the house in Manchester seems like a bad dream at this point in time.

Leicester itself is proving to be a lovely place to live. I’m sure its got its drawbacks but so far we’ve not found them. The people are friendly enough, there’s plenty of shops and the city centre is a nice place to be, there’s a good food market there which is always a pleasure. Mum is coming up on saturday for a visit, so we’re looking forward to that. Diwali started last sunday, so we sat and watched the fireworks from the bedroom window – we have a lovely view over Leicester itself. We’re quite looking forward to Fireworks Night now! Its so peaceful here. We found a sort of playingfield/communal area about 2 minutes walk from where we live with similarly gorgeous views over the city where we can walk Jess, and its all helping to banish the Manchester blues, as I’m coming to think of them. This place, for all its issues, is coming to mean something quite special to us both – and we certainly both really appreciate that we’re lucky enough to live here, mostly thanks to the support and help of my Mum. Jess seems happier here too – she loved the night that we spent at Mum’s (although she didn’t like being unsettled), and thoroughly enjoyed the walk we had with Mum, Suzie (Mum’s Dog), one of Mum’s neighbours, and Charlie, his dog the following morning. Jess got to meet her first cow. I’m not quite sure what she thought of it! But ever since then when we’ve met a dog she’s been much more willing, it seems, to play and be adventurous. There’s one dog in the park where we walk her sometimes called Lily who is a very enthusiastic 2 year old labrador puppy, and Jess usually ends up romping around with her like SHE’s a 2 year old pup, not a 9 year old sedately middle aged lady! She’s taken to playing with a ball too, something she rarely did in the old flat, and she adores the yard here. its a good move for her.

I’ve updated the education page with details of what I’m doing this semester and next, and as I hand work in and get it back with results, I’ll post those results here, just as I did last year. At the moment I have a rotten stinking cold that someone gave me – euphemistically known as “Fresher’s Flu”, although its not a flu, just a nasty cold. hope it goes soon!!

On that note, its getting late and I have an early start tomorrow – its not all the life of riley, living as a student you know!!! will try to update again soon 🙂

It seems like its taken forever, but finally… at last… uni is here. I start tomorrow. Nothing majorly exciting for the first day: the Vice-Chancellor’s Address, Registration and the Fresher’s Fair, but its all fun and I can’t wait.

Will try to blog my experiences each day, at least to begin with, am taking my camera with me tomorrow so will try to take some useful photos of the experience, if I can.

And now: I’m off for an early night!