another day, another control field.. this one in the north of Leicester, covering abbey park, the space centre, the pumping station.. a much bigger field and one that took me up to level three. yay!

second control field

the second control field established, to the north of city centre. the white lines with big blobs in is the river soar – the big blobs are in abbey park.

On the negative side, my little field and at least one portal that I took over yesterday have been taken out… by the guy who I originally took them from. Such is Ingress. Its not a defensive game. But soon… soon I will take them back from him… 😀

first portals under attack

you can see at least one of the portals i took over yesterday has been turned green. my little field at the top of the screen has vanished, and the whole is overlaid by a big green field. I don’t suppose it will be long before the other portals are taken down too.