Today is Blogging Against Disabilism Day. In the last few weeks I’ve been working on my Independent Research Project (IRP) for the Access to Higher Education Diploma I’m currently studying for. The IRP is intended to be thought of as a mini dissertation – not in size (since we’re talking about 2,000 words) but in experience: the experience of selecting a topic, researching it, formulating a title and writing it. It involves writing an essay on the subject, a project diary, and a presentation to class on the subject you’ve researched. All pretty daunting. I chose to investigate the experiences of the disabled in Ancient Greece. Sadly, I can’t publish the actual essay here yet (at least until I get permission from my teacher, but I hope to, eventually) but I think I can discuss some of the things I discovered on my journey, including things I actually can’t write about in my essay or project diary, as they’re things that are more personal to me. Either way its been an amazing journey of discovery for me, and I certainly don’t view the world in quite the same way as I did before.



no, you haven’t come to the wrong blog. its okay. its still “Urbania to Stoneheads”, Keth’s page. I just figured it was time I got off my backside and did a new header. Its good, isn’t it? There’s some stuff on the sidebar explaining it all. Been meaning to do it for absolutely ages (specifically the historical one above), but I finally cleared a couple hours tonight and did it. A fun little exercise – a little downtime from the frustrations of studying! I’ve also updated the “Why stoneheads?” page a bit – put a new pic up of Michiel and myself. Will try to post a better facial pic of me at some point too – but they’re on the other puter.

and since its now 2.30am and I need to go to Manchester Uni library tomorrow to do some research.. that’s all you’re getting for now! Will do a proper update in a few days though – heading down to Mum’s for Easter on Wednesday. The break will do us both good – but in the meantime, I’m trying to get as much work done as possible – with two exams scheduled for 16th and 19th May, and an essay due in on 17th May, as well as my independent research project to do… I can’t hang around!

There’s a camera on my phone, and since i am about to start walking (not literally about to start, i mean to undergo a programme of walks locally, building up), i wondered if i could just take the phone with me and leave my camera at home. So i took two test shots, and after an afternoon of swearing at the computer and my phone, i finally managed to get the photos off the phone and onto flickr.. and the photos aren’t all that brilliant, and if i can’t get the photos from the phone to improve, then i’ll be taking the Fuji camera with me too. Granted, i took a quick shot with the phone on the camera, and didn’t play with any of the settings, so i shall persevere, but these are the initial results – the only changes i have made to the original photos are to resize them all to 400×300.

behind the cut as usual… thoughts would be appreciated. Oh, and for the camera savvy, its a Samsung B3410 (2MP) vs a Fuji Finepix F40fd (8MP i think).

thoughts would be welcomed…


I bought a new phone recently, with the ability twitter directly from it. I’d like to link it to my face book, which has my real name on it – so i won’t be using the kethryBP twitter feed that shows up on this blog. If you’re on twitter or face book, and you’d like to receive either updates, then contact me (email, message here, whatever you like) and we’ll see what we can sort out.

I’ll try to be a bit better with posting here too… coming out of the bottom of another depressive cycle (shorter, and less deep than previous ones), and wanting to communicate with the outside world once more is always a key sign that the upward trend is underway…

Michiel has been beating me over the head for months with the fact that he hates my propensity to do “cuts” on my blog posts because this affects the RSS feed. This came to a head the other day when a friend (yes, you know who you are) boshed Michiel over the head with the same fact, and asked him to ask me not to do it any more.

Basically, with the cut, the RSS Feed would only put a summary on, with the words “fetch complete story” or something similar which you would then have to click to read the entire thing. And i gather it was somewhat annoying. heh.

Anyway. I’ve found out what was causing it – and for others who blog over at wordpress who find the same thing, its a setting in the Reading section of Settings that causes it – there’s two options there, an option for a summary, or an option for the full text. If you select “full text”, it will stop doing this. So if you read my blog via an RSS feed, you’ll find you get the full story from this point on. My apologies!

Since March is Q&A month, and i got my first batch of serious (Michiel’s “wots fer dinner” doesn’t count) questions this morning, courtesy of Linda. If anyone else has any questions, feel free to comment, either here or the original Q&A post!

Jess – age, breed, how did she come into your lives?

We’re not 100% sure how old she is. We got her from the Manchester Dogs  Home. We made the classic fatal mistake of “going up there, just to have a look” one saturday, not intending to bring a dog home. However, i knew quite quickly that a) if we fell in love with a dog, and we didn’t take her/him, we’d probably lose them and be kicking ourselves, and b) that if we didn’t take a dog home, we probably wouldn’t go back for a while. It was upsetting – lots of dogs, many of them very lonely, i was crying, Michiel wasn’t much happier. I mean, we werent’ going to take any old dog, we knew we had to form an emotional connection with one, but we also knew we weren’t going to make 2 or 3 trips back and forth to choose the right one. I saw Jess through the window of a large room with maybe 10 or so dogs in. She was curled up, nose up her bum, not very happy. The other dogs were milling around, some barking, others acting up in other ways, and i pointed her out to Michiel straight away, that i liked the look of her. I’m pretty sure i responded to her so strongly because of Shandy, the dog we had when i was a little girl, who looked somewhat similar to Jess. Shandy was a mix of sheepdog and collie, and Mom and Dad got her from a breeder when i was about 7 or 8 years old, i think. I’m not real sure. I expect Mom will put me straight when she reads this. She lived to a ripe old age, i think she was either 20 or close to it when she died. She was a gorgeous dog though, almost the perfect dog for a kid growing up, and i loved her dearly. So i don’t think its any great surprise that i had such a visceral reaction to Jess.

Shandy, my old dog from when i was a kid

Shandy, my old dog from when i was a kid

(more behind the cut)…


March is, amongst some bloggers, Q&A month. basically, leave a question in the comments, and i’ll answer (within reason, anyway). So if you ever wanted to know something, now’s your chance!

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