Few links to photo sets, and an update of our summer….

In June we drove to Germany to stay with Michiel’s parents for a couple of weeks. We daringly decided to drive, having just bought a car a few months beforehand. Michiel was a little apprehensive about the idea of me driving on the “wrong” side (as was I, if I’m honest) but in the even it went swimmingly, and I only had a couple of problems. Unfortunately when we were returning from a visit to the Netherlands to visit with his family a small deer ran out in front of us and I was unable to stop or swerve to avoid it. It was killed on impact, fortunately (and not running around the woods in pain). Fortunately there was very little damage done to the car, just a bit of dented bodywork – and a rather shaken me! We also visited Osnabruck, to look at the Cathedral and the Liturgical Museum which was amazing, had BBQs and went strawberry picking under a blazing blue sky. We had a fantastic time, having the car made a lot of difference to our freedom while there, and next year we plan to drive to the south of France to stay with his parents there (they have a caravan down there).

Holiday Photos

In July my mother’s church hosted a 24 hour “entertainathon”. I offered to make some cakes/buns for this, and we went down to help. I got roped in doing flowers for the church, doing an arrangement I was very pleased with, and I was pretty pleased with the varieties of cupcakes that I produced too! Took the opportunity to take photos of the fields surrounding Mom’s church, as well as photos of the event but I can’t post those on a public forum, alas.

Entertainathon Photos

In August Mom visited for her birthday and we went to Donington-le-Heath Manor house, near Coalville. The friends of Donington were hosting a “Donington at the home front” day, with lots of demonstrations of crafts and a live fire exercise from the home guard! Mum and I had a lovely afternoon wandering around the gardens and house, and jumping at the bangs coming from the demonstration, and talking to the various volunteers.


Just a couple days ago I visited St. Mary in Arden, a ruined church in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. its very picturesque and well worth a visit. I returned a couple days later with the camera, and these are some of the results. I’ve visited other properties but i keep forgetting to take the camera, so this is all the photos there are! I also visited St. Dionysus (the main church in Market Harborough) but the photos of that visit were hurried and not so good.

St. Mary in Arden

A mini update: In terms of my uni studies last year, I’m pleased with the vast majority of my work. I just missed out on a first across the whole year, but that doesn’t affect my final degree grade – all that is required from the first year is to pass (40% or above). Full details, as ever, are on the education page. With regard to my health and diabetes, my weight has been steadily creeping up again, and my blood sugar with it, so I have to make an effort to get that under control again. Jess is fine. Another dog attacked her earlier this summer, cutting the skin around her eye quite badly and shaking all three of us up and necessitating a trip to the emergency vets. But with antibiotics and lots of TLC she was soon back to normal. She’s getting old and slowing down, sleeping a great deal, but otherwise, is fine. Like many of Britains cats and dogs she contracted fleas this summer, so we had to deal with that too. She definitely didn’t like the scratching! The house is good as well. we settled in very quickly and have loved this summer, being able to sit outside in peace and quiet. I developed a little garden in the yard, out of a series of pots, which has been lovely to watch and potter around in over the summer as well.

Garden Photos

So on that note I’ll leave you to enjoy my garden photographs… till the next update!!!



its not that i’ve exactly done any work in the garden today… but on the other hand.. the garden seems to be doing very nicely without me thankyouverymuch, so i thought i would snap some shots of various things in there this afternoon, and i’ve wound up with a bunch of pics i really like – although there are some repetitions within the set, i hope you’ll bear with me on that, cos they are gorgeous pics..

lily flower that has come into bloom in the garden

lily flower that has come into bloom in the garden

rest behind the cut, as always…


spent some much overdue time working in the garden today, potting up plants, sorting out stakes and things like that. Its been a good afternoon – i’m going to sleep well tonight!

Tomorrow, if the weather co-operates, i plan to drag the strimmer out, then do some more pottering around.

Of course at the end of today i got my camera out….behind the cut as usual!


… that first, fabulous, luscious, beautiful red, rich, sweet, oh-my-lord, toecurling goodness of the first home grown strawberry of the summer….

THAT, my friends, is what grow-yer-own is all about…. it really doesn’t get better than that…

these photos were taken a week later, on 31st May 09… behind the cut as per usual.


I’ve been busy working on the garden, and on my family history research, although i’m making more progress with the garden than i am the research at the moment…

Anyway. garden update – photos behind the cut…


After a couple days break from the garden to do food shopping, I returned to it today with some glee to build a cage to punish the ever-so-naughty sweetpeas.

Bet that made you look twice, didn’t it?

😀 Last year i built a tomato cage that was very stable, far more stable than the conventional triangular type row of canes that i’d built for the sweetpeas a few years before, and since i had some leftover bent canes, i set about today building a similar cage for the sweetpeas. Its very tall, and makes a good barrier between the main garden and the dumpingground side garden, as well as providing something of a windbreak for the rest of the garden.

youve heard of the naughty step? this is the naughty cage, for plants that dont behave!

you've heard of the naughty step? this is the naughty cage, for plants that don't behave!

I’m pleased with it: its stable, and i think with some bean/pea netting stretched and tied over it it should provide a really good stable support for not only the sweetpeas but the morning glory i’ve sown inbetween the sweetpea plants i’ve put in the ground.

The sweetpeas were sowed back in March (17th, to be exact), in loo roll tubes, and have been planted, loo roll and all, straight into the ground. Ipomea (morning glory, a relative of bindweed) doesn’t like to be moved/transplanted so i sowed that direct, a little late, as it needs to be sowed by the beginning of april but hopefully it will catch up.

small sweetpea seedling. It should take off now its in the ground.

small sweetpea seedling. It should take off now it's in the ground.

tomorrow; pricking out nasturtiums, planting out sugar snap peas, meteor peas, broad beans and older nasturtiums, building pea supports and sowing french beans…

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