as most people who read me on a regular basis will know, i adore food. cooking it, eating it, reading about it, working with it, the lot. I quite often get asked for recipes/how-tos, so rather than putting those ones in a post where people will struggle to find em, i’ll chuck em in here. feel free to leave feedback.. for now i’ll just list them in no particular order but if it starts to get a bit long then i’ll come up with some other way of listing them.

In addition, i quite often talk about food in general, or post a photograph of something i’ve made and a link to a recipe elsewhere. That kind of post gets a “food” tag (see tag cloud on the main page, on the right), but you won’t find them here. This is purely for my own recipes.

~ Dutch Style Apple Pie ~

~ Apple Cake (scroll down) ~

~ seafood pasta ~

~ rich and boozy christmas pudding ~

~ spicy fluffy pancakes ~

~ special fried rice ~

~ lemon drizzle cake with lemon & lime icing ~

~ home made oven chips ~

~ Minestrone Stew ~

~ chicken pesto pasta ~

~ bread ~

~ bread rolls – linked to bread page ~

~ trifle ~

~ porridge ~

~ beef curry ~

2 Responses to “~ food ~”

  1. VLT Says:

    Hi, Your cakes look and sound delightful,when you have a spare minute(lol)could you put your flap jack and coffee & lemon cake recipies on. I’m supposed to be on a diet but I cheat at weekends!
    Your garden is looking good, hopefully we will be getting our wood at weekend so I can get the beds laid out.Repotted some seedlings the other day still got more to do though! take care

  2. kethry Says:

    hey VLT!!

    i can certainly do that. To be honest, the reason i’d held off on posting a recipe for flapjacks before now has been that i was hunting around for a recipe worth passing on. I tend very much to take a recipe.. then fiddle till i think its good. LOL. the recipe i was using wasn’t terribly good (too much butter) but a friend (*blows kisses to Sarah in thanks, in case she reads this) gave me a much better one, and that’s the one i’ve been fiddling with. I think i’m starting to get somewhere with it now though – i don’t mess with the basics, i mess with what goes in it!

    Re: the diet, i’m supposed to be on one as well. But i’ll say this much. When you make a cake, flapjacks, whatever, you *know* how much fat/sugar you’ve put in it. The coffee cake i make, the entire cake, has, if i recall correctly, 4oz of butter (in the butter icing) and 6oz of margarine, and 6oz of sugar, with 8oz of icing sugar. That’s in the entire cake – 10oz of marg/butter and 14oz of sugar. If you split the cake into 4, then you would eat 2.5oz fat and 3.5oz of sugar. Which is quite a lot, but then, a quarter of that cake *is* a lot (you’d probably feel sick if you ate that much). Split it into 8, and you’d eat 1.25oz of fat and 1.75oz of sugar. which is quite a lot more reasonable, and an eighth of that cake is more than enough (I’ve split it down further, but the math on that one makes my head spin so i avoid the headache.. lol). I think you get the idea though.

    What i do, when i make the cake, i work out roughly how many slices i’m going to make out of it. I use the same tin for both coffee and lemon cakes, so you soon get used to it – you could make a note on the bottom of your recipe. then i work out how much fat and sugar – again, roughly – it would be per slice, then i actually measure that much out, while i make the cake. It really helps to visualise the fat/sugar while you eat it – not in the sense of “OMG i’m such a pig!!”, but in the sense of “i am entitled to a certain amount of fat and sugar in a day, and this is part of it”. and you enjoy it, every last little bit of it. And afterwards, y ou keep that image in your head, so you don’t eat any more of it. I find it works well as well to keep that as a daily “treat”, and if you be good all day.. its worth it.

    Good luck with getting your wood, and with your seedlings! I’ll definetly post the recipes soon. keep your eyes peeled!


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