Photography is something I’ve only recently gotten into, for its own sake, although i’ve been snapping photos for years, either for myself or the blog. But, encouraged by Sez (who also has photography as a passion), its an interest i am now starting to explore for its own sake, rather than simply as a means of documenting my other passions.

Although its been a journey, the first time i really seriously sat down and thought about the photographs i was taking (as opposed to getting good photographs by accident) has probably been for the February Challenge in 2009. This “photo-a-day” challenge proved to be extremely interesting and educational, and as a result, i’m continuing it and starting this page, which will carry links to previous months. Feel free to leave feedback!!

Previous Months:

March “photo-a-day” challenge

February “photo-a-day” challenge

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3 Responses to “~ photography ~”

  1. Came across your blog via bluebell photo from Woodland Trust on Twitter. You may be interested in where people post a photo a day.

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