~ Our Garden ~

[with the refrain of Madness’s great song “our house” in my head]

I finally got round to doing what i’ve been promising to do for a while.. a garden plan.

garden plan

Hope that’s legible to everyone, my mouse is still failing to co-operate enough for me to do a fancy computer one so.. it had to be hand drawn.

To help with orientation i copied a wee bit from google earth…

garden satellite photo

its a different way up to the map above so i’ve drawn on it the outline of the garden. Oh, and there’s a tree in that pic (which is at least 5 years old) that isn’t there any more. The stump is, the roots are (by god, the roots are), but not the tree. which is a good thing. helps with sunlight.

I’ve also been working out what is going to go in which beds. Preliminary list (and this will be subject to change):

Bed One: Dwarf french bean, lettuces, radishes, spring onion, beetroot and sugarsnap peas.

Bed Two: Sweetcorn, spinach, spinach beet and rocket.

Bed Three: Celeriac and Leek.

Pots and grow-bags (stuffed whereever i can – i can’t plant in the earth close to the house as there’s a path laid all the way around the house) will have outdoor-growing tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, peppers and cucumbers. All these and chillis will also be grown in the greenhouse. Oh and somewhere i’m gonna squeeze in some fruiting bushes.

thats the plan anyway..!!!


2 Responses to “”

  1. Love the plan, its full of promise, green delicious leafy promise. Curious to see how the sweetcorn will grow, would love to try it myself

  2. kethry Says:


    thanks!! [will it sound very strange if i tell you that i go to bed dreaming at night of working in a garden in the warmth of an august summer, with everything growing and blooming and lush and… fertile? surrounded by beauty, colour, productiveness, and smell? well.. i do. lol.]

    keep watching about the sweetcorn – i’m thinking about trying the three sisters, if i can find a squash/gourd small enough to act as ground cover. it should be ok though, as i understand wind is the biggest problem, they mustn’t be sown anywhere too windy, and in blocks rather than in rows (so that its easier to self-pollinate).

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